Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My New Chair for School!!!!

A few months ago we met a family who also has a son with CP. He is 8. They are a great family with amazing hearts! I met them at church with a 26 pound princess on my hip. They asked me if she had a chair. "yes" I relpied, "However, it is so heavy. It more work to lug it around then to just to carry her!" She told me to let her know if we ever needed it and gave me her number. I have seen them in passing at church and ran into her downtown at the Medicaid Rally last month. Well, this week I took her up on her offer!

I have been having some issues with Kenzie's school around seating and positioning. They have had 8 months to get know know her and her needs. Sadly 8 months later she is no where closer to having optimal access to her enviornment at schooln then she started the year with. They do not have a good chair for her. I can't transport her chair back and forth as it weights like 70lbs. I do not have a ramp or adapted van and lifting that 4 times a day four days a week is just not going to happen!! It is very hard to play with goo, paint, glitter.....or have therapy, if she doesn't have proper support!

We had a meeting last week and they were very supportive and kind! They are trying their hardest to help her. Yes, I know there is only one month of school left. The sooner we figure this out the better. Next year she can start school and everyone will be ready!!!!!

So back to the kind woman from church.... I called her up this week to see if she still had her son's old chair. Yep! Wow! We went over and picked it up on Sunday. It is perfect!!!! There is a few things that need tweeking but other then that it will work!!

Makenzie's therapist found a new harness, lap belt, and high-low base, collecting dust at another client's home. Now it will fit next to the tables at school!!! God is sooooo good!!! Wow dooes he evder provide!!! The pictures in this post ar of her in her new chair! She looks so good!!!

Please say a prayer of Thanksgiving tonight for this!!! It could have taken the school district months and months of cutting trough red tape to get her a chair that meets her needs!! Thank You Jesus!!! Please keep praying for Costa Rica!! It is quickly sneaking up on us (9.5 weeks)!!! Very exciting but lots to get done first!!! Please... Believe Prayer works!!! God Bless!!


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