Friday, April 24, 2009


Makenzie has had a GREAT couple of days! Therapy is going really well and she just seems so bright eyed and happy! All of her therapists have noticed a definite decrease in her tone in her hands and arms! She is doing very well walking with mush less support and bearing weight and starting to do her own weight shifting! It is amazing! She is also using her hands a ton!!

She had a crazy morning today but she did awesome! She had PT here at the house, then we jumped in the car and had PT at Children's , then we jumped back in the car to come home and had been home 5 minutes before her new Speech therapist came!

She did great bearing weight through her arms in side sit with her head up. At Children's her therapist got her in all fours with out any complaints, and Speech went SUPER!!!

We used the same talker that she brought last week. This time she had it all set up for Makenzie only this time it was harder! She had 3 different categories and Makenzie got to choose "more", "stop", "go", and she got to choose what activity she wanted! She picked the monkeys over and over again! This time she came ready with another monkey game. She had to pick what color she wanted the monkey to be. Then the therapist asked me to pick a color. I picked red. Then we told Makenzie to make the Monkeys red and ........ drum roll....... she did on the first try!!!!!! I am so proud of her! I wish I could explain all of this better! What I can say is this is amazing!!!! Her therapist kept telling me how smart Makenzie is! I feels so great to have a way for her to show us what she knows and a way for her to participate in her learning! I have a preschooler that I can teach colors to! It is amazing!!!!!! This is going to be so good!

OH I AM SO EXCITED!!! Even though she has brain damage she has so much to say and learn! To think that I can teach my little girl her numbers, letters, colors, how to spell, the list goes on and on! The thought that she can tell me what she wants! OH MY!! Even better yet... while we were doing this she was making new noises! She made the "ye" sound when choosing the color yellow and said what sounded like "yea" when she pushed the switch for more and I said "Makenzie wants more!"

Sorry this post is so erratic! I have so many thoughts running around in my head! Sorry! Please keep praying for Makenzie! We leave for Costa Rica 11 weeks from tomorrow! I am starting to get so excited! Every day I hear of another child that has greatly improved from this and I can't wait! Please start praying for our safe travels and that God would send the cells to the places that Makenzie needs them the most! Pray,Pray, Pray!

Thank you ALL so much for all of your support! If you have donated to Makenzie's Stem Cell Trip We THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!! Words can not describe how blessed we feel! We still have a long way to go but we continue to trust that God will provide!!! Our letter describing our trip and details on donating can be found at the top, on the right hand side bar of her blog! Please pray about helping our family and Makenzie! Believe..... Prayer works!!!


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