Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shake it up!

Makenzie is doing so well!!! it seems like there is something new every day! I love the above video because it shows so many great things! One that she is holding her head up well in prone. Two that she is so happy and I just love that giggle! Three... look how well she is holding onto those shakers! Four did you notice how fast she is following direction when asked to lift her head up!? So proud... oh so proud!!!
I am sure you will be seeing more pictures and videos up on this blog as we are gearing up for stem cells! I want to be able to clearly go back and have documentation of before and after treatment! So just bear with me! Not only that but I just love to look back and see Makenzie's journey to healing in chronological order! Yes I guess this has become my new version of creative memories!

We once again had a busy day starting with OT. She Had a great time and worked really hard! Then we headed off to the school for our meeting.

The meeting went well. It was bit frustrating because there are so many people involved! I love Makenzie's teachers and specialist! Some times though I feel like the program/therapies is somewhat cookie cutter. My daughter doesn't do well with a one size fits all program. I think the meeting was very helpful for everyone and it allowed me once again to express my priorities for Makenzie. I felt my concerns were addressed and that there would be follow through.

I know that the school issues are not soon to end. However, I want to make sure that her experience starts out on the right foot! To me it is kinda like a bad habit that is hard to break. If the school understands Makenzie needs, our voices are heard, and the school provides the equipment and services that Makenzie deserves, we won't have as many bad habits to break later on. I am sure those of you that have already dealt with this system for many years are laughing right now. That is ok. I need to live in dream world on this issue for now!!! LOL!

I have a special prayer request tonight! Please lift up the family of dear friend of mine. She has been a powerful prayer warrior for Makenzie the past 2 years. Her son-in-law has spent a few days in the hospital awaiting surgery to diagnose something that could be very serious! Pray that God would give them answers to what is going on so that he can begin treatment and get back to his beautiful family!

Thank you so much and God Bless, Pam


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