Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Today was another CRAZY day! Makenzie and I took a trip downtown to a rally today. Our state is proposing a huge cut in Medicaid funding . I know that we are a in a struggling economy however, it seems as though the government loves to take first cuts from those that have no voice and can not care for themselves. I am by no means a polititian. What I do know is that as a mother of a child that relies so heavley on our government systems that I better at least try to stay up to date and be a voice for those that can not speak up!

We had a ton of fun! We met a few new people and saw a few friends. It was a beautiful day and we both enjoyed being out side! After the rally we walked down to the capital to sit in on some of the talks regarding this issue. Unfortinatly we didn't have enough information and couldn't find the right room. Man was that place buzzing! It was still worth it as I got a better feel of the mood and severity of what is going on!

Makenzie is doing well! She is rolling around a lot! She will have her first real therapy session with her new speech therapist on Friday. In speaking with the therapist we are both hoping to decide on the best talker for Makenzie with in the month! Don't hold me to that though!!! There is a lot to choose from and she can only get a new one every 5 years... I think. (if they don't cut that out of the funding!)

We now have ALL of our passports! We have plane tickets! We have hotel reservations! Costa Rica is only 11 weeks away!!!! I am sooooo excited! Not only am I excited about the Stem Cell therapy but also getting to FINALLY stand face to face with some very dear friends that I have met along this journey!!! They will also be spending the week in Costa Rica with their son for SCT! We will get to spend the whole week hanging out, talking, and celebrating our special kids together! WOW! God is so good!

Thank You for all of your prayers and support!! Keep praying!! Prayer Works!!!


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