Wednesday, April 8, 2009

On the Mend!

Makenzie is doing MUCH better! Still a bit boggery but no more coughing attacks! Yeah God!! She did really good in therapy today! I watched a friends 2 year old and she was a great motivator for her! The shook rattles together,bounched on the ball, and gave eachother high fivess! It was so cute!!! Any one out there that has a 2 year old I could borrow (hehe) every once in a while just let me know! Makenzie loved having another little girl around today!

We also had a chance to catch up with a good friend this afternoon! It was great! There are so many people that we have met along this journey! So many new people who really do care! So many people that are supporting us everyday! For that... new or old .... I want to say thank you! God is so good!

I hope to send kenzie back to school tomorrow! I am a bit nervous as she is still a bit emotional. It was so cute today.. when I walked out of the room my friends little girl would get upset and without fail within 20 sec Makenzie would follow suit! Loud noises seem to be bothering her a bit more then usual. This is normal when she isn't feeling great. Well, we all know how quiet a preschool class room is NOT! We will se how therapy goes in the morning and go from there! I would be nice as it has been over 2 weeks since I have been kidless!

Other then that we are dong well! We are getting very excited for this summer and the hope that it brings! Through Gad all things are possible! It makes me somewhat exhausted to think about it as it will be CRAZY!!! We will get through!

Makenzie's Blogspot looks great! I am still working on some of the links explaining her equipment and services so bear with me! I went back and re-read some of then and there are typos..oops... sorry! One day I will fix it!! Just not today!! LOL! It is a lot! Putting it all in writting has proven to take a long time! It was good for me though! Mommies Therapy! If you get a chance check it out at:

Thanks for checking in on us! Keep praying! God is mighty and we are patiently waiting! ASK< ASK, ASK, ASK! Believe! Thanks and God Bless Pam


Lindsey Black said...

Yay! I told you that you can make this pretty! You did AWESOME! Love you guys!!!!!!

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