Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!

We had a great day today! It started of course with the Easter Bunny! Then we headed off to church for a very crowded but awesome service! Off to Easter Dinner with the family and then home to take baths pick up a bit and off to bed! Busy!

Makenzie is doing great! She seems to be completly over the croup or whatever it was! Yeah God!

We went to the playland on Friday after therapy and had a blast! Makenzie walked (with my help) up all of the stairs to the slide 2 times and was ready for round number 3 but her mommy was too tired! I was great! She smiled and laughed all the while!

She has been making some new noises and sometimes her cry sounds a bit different. She is growing up! Healing! Changing! It is so much fun!

Today befor bed we were playing on the couch. I laid Makenzie on the edge with her feet hanging of of the edge and told her to get down.

Guess what?

She did!!

She scooted down and put her feet on the floor. Then she got her hands up and pushed while her head slowly came up as well! She stood there for maybe 20 secs befor she tipped over and I helped her sit onto the floor. She was so proud!

We have officially started Makenzie's Fundraiser for stem cell therapy! We are getting so excited!! July seems to be coming up so fast! For more information on this effort please visit:

The letter explaining our trip is on the right side under "My Medical Needs" click on Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy.

Thank you so much for all of your thoughts and prayers! They mean so much to us! Please keep praying! Prayer Works!!!


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