Sunday, April 5, 2009


When it rains it pours! Makenzie has croup!She has had it for about 3 days and today we spent 6 hours in the ER today! She had a chest x-ray that came back clear! Yeah God!!! She is however kinda low with O2 saturation. Still ok but low for her. They sent us home with some oxygen for tonight as this usally gets worse at night. However Makenzie wil have NOTHING to do with the nasal canula on her face!!! Screaming, tears falling ,coughing, puking, snot EVERYwhere! The second I conceded it was over! She was fine! Hmmmm? Crazy Girl! I love her so much!!!!

Kaleb has cold induced asthma. he has been coughing so we started him on oral steriods amd his inhaler! Yippy it never ends! Pray that this doesn't get worse!

I am very tired as I haven't got much sleep in the last 3 days so I am calling it quits for tonight! Please pray for healing! Pray that Makenzie can sleep tonight and that she feels better in the morning! Thank You all! Pam


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