Friday, January 18, 2008


We have now been reflux FREE for 2 weeks!!! Thank You Jesus!!! Makenzie's stomache is feeling so much better. Her OT and PT were here today and both commented on how much happier she has been sense we put her on the very resticted diet. She has also been much more willing to eat food orally! Even after the break from eating through her mouth her oral motor skills have improved without much practice! She is keeping her tounge in her mouth much better and is moving it to find food in her cheeks! YEAH GOD! All of these seemingly small things are huge steps in the right direction.

We had kind of a hard day today. Makenzie's formula that was supposed to be overnighted did not arrive. Trying to stick as close to her diet as we could was difficult to say the least! Well almost impossible! UPS does not deliver tomorrow so it will not arrive untill Monday. Please pray that we can nurish Makenzie with out upseting her stomach too much and that God would keep any inflamation away and provide us insight on how to provide her with enough calories during this time when we have no control. Thank you all for your prayers!


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