Monday, March 26, 2007

NeuroSuit Therapy

The NeuroSuit worn over prolonged time during physical therapy can help correct proprioception and accelerate progress, such that in physical movement the skills practiced will become more fluent and require less effort. In the Intensive Suit Therapy Program, individuals often make the same or more progress in just 3 weeks of Intensive Therapy that they would in an entire 12 months of traditional therapy. With the highly skilled therapists on staff at NAPA Center combined with the tools of the IMOT program, many children achieve rapid results in a short burst of time.

Last summer my mom three of my therapists and I traveled to Los Angeles to the Napa Center. We spent 3 days there training on how to use the NeuroSuit. When we got there we were all amazed at how skilled the therapists there where! I wanted so bad to stay and do the 3 week sesion but I knew that my brothers would miss me and mommy so we got all of the information we needed and came home! I have been using the NeuroSuit at home with my therapists and it helps me soooo much! I can do so much with it on and it makes it easier for me to do the same things with it off! It has helped my whole body to become stronger! This Fall my mommy and I will be going back to the Napa Center for a 3 week intensive model therapy session and listening therapy! We are so excited!


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