Monday, March 26, 2007

I Have Lots Of Chairs!

This is my activity chair! I use it to do a lot of things! It has 2 bases that the seat can go on. One is like a stroller and can bring me all over the place! We go to the park, to boondocks, we have walked on the beaches of Florida and California with this chair! Mommy takes me shopping to Sam's and Target and she tells me that it is a back saver! I also like to sit in it at my table and play puzzles and knock over blocks! When I sit in this chair for playtime it helps to give me the support I need to work on using my arms and holding my head up!

This is my Corner Chair. It is another way to get me upright. It is less supportive then my activity chair so it allows me to work on my trunk strength and putting my head up and in the middle

This is my cube chair. This chair is very challenging for me! It offers very little support but I love to try!


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