Monday, March 30, 2009

Hey all! Yes I am still here... barely but here!

Here is a picture I found of Kenzie, myself and 3 of her therapists in LA in Sept! They all love her so much and put so much time into my Baby Girl! Thank You sooo much Kelly, Pam, and Stephanie for believing in my Princess!!!

It has been a crazy week! Makenzie is doing well! She is so happy! Today we were playing and I put her on my lap facing out and we would count to 3 and on "go" she would throw her self back and just giigle! It was sooo cute. The amazing thing is that she understood the "rules" of the game! When she would try to go befor I said go I would tell her she was cheating and she laughed even harder!!! It was great! I love my little giggly girl!

Last night as I was putting her to bed we sang our songs, and I looked at her and asked her to say "mama" guess what..... she did!!! Plain as day! Now of course she wouldn't do it again but once it great!!!!

I have redone Makenzie's Blogspot. It is beatiful! If you haven't already, go check it out! I put links to all of the therapies that we have done and are going to do. It also has direct link to her pictures and video's . You can find it at:

Thank you all for your prayers! They mean so much!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2 Years

Two years ago right now I was standing over my baby girl not knowing if she was going to live or die. Right now two years ago my princess had tubes coming out of every where.Right

about this time some of the tests they had run on her organs and other body functions were starting to come back. Most ok! Right about now I started to realize that her brain could have been deprived.. don't ask why but that was a last thought when it came to everything that could be wrong. Two years ago tonight I was sitting in a PICU, there was a waiting room full of people and phones ringing off the hook with people wanting to know what was going on. Tonight we are sitting on the couch alone. No phones are ringing, no one is knocking down the door, Makenzie is upstairs breathing on her own, sleeping peacefully in her pj's. The gentle woosh of her feeding pump and white noise sounding through the baby monitor.

Today is a double edged sword.

On one hand I am so happy and PROUD of my baby girl. I am SO thankful for what God has done in our lives in the past 2 years! We have been so blessed! Makenzie has come so far! Evey day I go to get her out of bed and she looks AT me and SMILES! She loves to play peek-a-boo! She can hold her head up. She is using her hands more and more every day. She can pick a puzzle piece up and sometimes put it back in. She follows everything with her eyes. She is rolling better and pushing up with her arms! She is a MIRACLE!!!

On the other hand I am sad as we have lost so much! I have lost who my little girl WAS. I have lost a lot of the last two years of my boy's life. I have lost time with my husband, I have lost most of my friends because of my busy life filled with doctors and therapy, (ok I have gained a lot of internet friends! You all mean more to me then you will ever know!), WE have lost!

Please don't take this as a pitty party. It isn't. It is the reality of what our family has gone through. It gets easier as time goes by. I feel very loved! I continue to thank all of you for your love and support! Thank You!

As we move into year number three I hope that you will all keep praying for Makenzie and our family! We have big plans for this year and we are very excited! I feel God's touch in these new therapies. There is so much promise. Makenzie continues to fight and fight hard! Pleas don't give up on her! We are still here! We need you NOW just as much as we did 2 years ago! Thank You! Two years ago was tragic but Makenzie is still here and OH do I love her! Please give the people you love an extra hug tonight. After the last two years I have learned that life is short and in the blink of an eye it could change forever! God Bless Pam

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Costa Rica..Vaya con dios.. (Go with God)

As many of you already realize, Makenzie suffered a devastating brain injury following a choking incident approximately 2 years ago. Since then, God has led us to utilize a variety of treatment approaches that have been used with varying degrees of effectiveness. Traditional approaches including intensive physical, speech, occupational, feeding, and sensory therapy, as well as hippotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) have produced significant improvements. Makenzie now smiles, laughs, vocalizes, rolls, moves her arms and legs more freely, and is able to hold her head up for indefinite periods of time. Although progress continues to occur, it has slowed during recent months. Brain injuries can continue to heal for decades the greatest benefit from intervention is realized during the first 3-5 years.

We feel that while more traditional therapies have in fact produced wonderful results, they have not yet provided Makenzie the degree of improvement possible and necessary to insure the quality of life of which she is capable. Because time is of the essence, it is imperative to move forward with the use of newer treatment approaches.

Umbilical cords have historically been discarded, but have recently been realized to be a potent resource for effective stem cell therapy. Unlike embryonic stem cells, umbilical stem cells are harvested from the cord blood of full term infant donors immediately following their birth. Although,advances have occurred in this area, donor stem cells have not yet been approved for use in the United States. However, many successful Umbilical Cord Treatments have been developed in other countries. These treamtments have proven especially effective in the with diabetes, mulitiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and most importantly, brain injuries.

A recent investigation has resulted in first -hand knowledge of the dramatic improvements in motor and cognitive skills experienced by children following umbilical cord stem cell therapy. The most viable and safest program that would meet Makenzie’s needs appears to be the International Cell Medicine Clinic in Costa Rica. We will be traveling to Costa Rica in July 2009 with another family, whose child has already experienced a successful round of stem cell therapy.During this trip, Makenzie will also undergo this treatment. We look forward to great results and accelerated progress. Makenzie’s will also be followed by a noted physician at Children’s Hospital  who realizes the potential of Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy.

While we are planning to personally fund a significant portion of the expenses from our family resources,but we will fall short of the estimated $20,000 necessary for the stem cell therapy, travel, food, and lodging. An additional $10-12,000 is needed to reach our goal. We are reaching out to our family and friends for financial assistance in this exciting endeavor.

 Makenzie continues to touch the hearts of all who meet her. Please consider helping her to realize her full potential.

We love you all

My Journey to Healing

Two years ago on March 25 our family's life would change in the blink of eye! As I went to put Makenzie in the car she reached down and grabbed a Red colored Goldfish cracker out of her car seat. Makenzie hated to be in her car seat and began to cry. When she opened her mouth I saw the cracker but it was too late. One gasp and she wasn't breathing. As my whole family stood in the parking lot our little princess was dying. After preforming the Heimlich unsuccessfully, I got on the phone with 911 and rushed her into the store. As soon as I hit the door she went limp in my arms. As my husband and the people in the store tried to help our daughter I stood out side of the store banging my head pleading with God not to take my baby away from me... He didn't!

The paramedics arrived, got a airway and rushed her to the nearest hospital. When we got there we found her on a vent and totally unresponsive. She was then airlifted to another hospital more equipped to help her. After a week on the vent and sedated she was breathing on her own but still in a coma. We received MRI results stating that Makenzie had a very serious global Brain injury. She was then transferred to Children Hospital where we spent 5.5 weeks in a rehab program before we got to take her home.

When we took Makenzie home she cried EVERY waking moment of every day! She did not sit, eat, talk, walk,crawl, smile, laugh, see, or hear. She was fed through a tube in her stomach and didn't respond to anything!

We have spent the last 2 years fighting with her and for her. We have done many conventional and unconventional therapies. Today Makenzie has come a long way but has a long way to go! She can see, hear, smile, laugh, she loves her brothers, playing peek-a-boo, standing in her walker, she can roll over on her own sometimes, she is getting close to sitting, and the list goes on!

With God's Grace Makenzie will continue to heal. We have Hope for the future and are so proud of Makenzie for never giving up! Keep Fighting Baby Girl.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Costa Rica

When I was in Grade school my class got on a bus and went to a recording studio. We were going to sing the chorus for a song on a tape (in todays terms... CD) I remember it being very excited as we all felt like super stars! To this day I remember the chorus to that song! It goes like this... Costa Rica, Costa Rica.. Viva con dias Costa Rica. (not sure really how to spell the spanish part!!!)

I had no clue what the Spanish part meant until today. Makenzie's PT, who speaks spanish told me it meant God go with us .... or something really close to that effect.

Why you ask does this matter... Well we are planing to go to Costa Rica for Stem Cell Therapy!!! This is Big!!! One of the biggest decisions We have had to make!

I have been researching this for almost a year!!! There are so many different opinions on this and how to do it and if it works. Like I have said before ... there are no promises made by any of these clinics..... however I have seen it work!!! I am not going to write a long research paper for you.. sorry my life is to crazy and that would take hours! I will say one big thing and that is ... these cells are taken from the cord blood of newBORN babies. There is nothing or no one hurt in the process of collecting and preparing the stem cells for transplant!

I have eliminated all of the cons of this therapy other then the cost. With that said we are going to trust that one way or the other God will provide! He has spoken to me very clearly on ALL of this in the last week! The deal I made with myself was that I was going to wait until we had reached the 2 year mark to seriously consider SCT and here we are!!!!

We are going to shoot to go in July. We will be there for about a week and are going to go with Makenzie's 3 year old boyfriend Charlie!(he is going for round 2... round one worked so well his family is taking him back!) With possibility of possibly one or 2 more young brain injury victims also joining us!I have a suit therapy session scheduled in CA in July that I think we will have to postpone. If we are going to do Stem Cells it makes more since to do the cells before another expensive therapy. If we wait until the fall we will be able to start using any new skills Makenzie gets from this in the intensive therapy.... God Willing and only if it is for His Glory!

The worst that could happen is nothing! As a mom I know that that too is possible! As a mom I will also not leave any stone that I can pick up unturned!!!! I do not want to look back 20 years from now and wonder what if! Anything that I spend that kind of money on will long be forgotten by then but if Stem Cells gives Makenzie a better life that will never be forgotten!!!

I am sure some of you... including my family and closest friends are sighing very loudly right now and are wondering when I am ever going to stop all of this... well... the answer is NEVER!!! And if you are one of those skeptical people, that is totally ok! I do not ask that you understand or even agree!!! Until you walk in the shoes of caring 24 hours a day for a child... YOUR CHILD.... that can not do the things they want or need to do, you can not possibly get it!!! I love you all anyways!!!!! LOL! I thank you for all of your love, support, and prayers most of all! God is in this. Many years ago he had me standing in a studio with my classmates signing.... Costa Rica.... God go with us!!! God will go with us to COSTA RICA!!! God speaks to us. We just need to learn how to listen! Thank You all so much!!!!! God Bless, Pam!

p.s. many, many more details to follow!!!
p.p.s please feel free to use the guest book or my e mail to ask any questions! I will do the best i can to answer them!!
Love you all!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stem Cell Therapy

Makenzie is doing much better! It seems as though the Flu has left the building! YEAH!!!!!

ALL of my kids went to school today! It made for a much needed break! I got some laundry done and went through Makenzie's closet! She has grown over 2 inches in the last 6 months! There is not much left! Good and Bad! My FFT girl is now growing and fast!!!!!

We are starting to gear up for our trip to California this July! I am so excited! We are 2 years post injury this month and God is still providing!

Although slow Makenzie has done a ton of healing! she has gone from the toddler who was never happy to the little girl who never stops SMILING! She has gone from staring into space no matter what you do to playing games like peek-a-boo and tag in her walker!

She still seems however to be stuck in some very infantile patterns that continue to inhibit her healing! She hates anything to touch her hands and her favorite position to be in is on her side in a ball.

We have been praying and researching Stem Cell therapy for a very long time and have never felt lead to this until recently. I have had some friends that have done this and have had very good results!

This therapy is very pricey. It however, other then normal and intensive model therapy which will need to continue for the forseable future, is the only thing left to try at the current time. CP has one of the highest success rates when it comes to Stem Cell Therapy.

Please pray for us to make a good decision on when, where and how to do this! It is a BIG deal! it could be healing, it could be Gods tool for a Miracle, it could be His plan! We ask for support and prayer in making this happen! I will have more details to follow!

Here is a bit from a friends site. She is taking her son who suffered a similar injury to China for Stem Cell Therapy in Aug. When I read this I felt like she was saying everything I felt about how others view this treatment.

Many people have been talking to my mommy and asking many questions about the treatment. Thats ok with her. She likes talking about it. Although one thing I want to let people know is this treatment is not a cure all. Some people start seeing results right away, but most don't see result for about three to six months. What kind of results you ask that we might see, well, maybe my muscle tone is more relaxed, or maybe I am rolling and crawling and walking everywhere. Any improvement will be awesome. The worse that can happen is nothing, no improvements. We just have to wait and see. When I get back mommy is going to take me to HBOT this is like giving the cells fertilizer. I will then do a three week intensive neuro suit session.

God has given us the gift of advancing medicine! Please pray! Thank You all and God Bless! Pam

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sick Princess!

Makenzie does have the Flu!!! Please pray that she gets over it fast and that no one else gets this!!! It was a long night last night! Pray for healing and SLEEP!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


We have been tagged by the FLU!!! Kaleb woke up with a 104 fever and said he felt like all of his bones were broken! Out of the mouth of babe's!

We headed of to the pharmacy to pick up some anti-viral meds that may or may not work. Makenzie's doctor prescribed a dose for her even though she is NOT sick in hopes that if she does come down with the flu it may be less nasty!

Other then that we are doing great.

Makenzie is doing well and has be rolling and walking with mommy and in her walker well. She had her Hart Walker ajusted this week and she has grown 2+ inches in the last 6 month!!! WOW!

She is happy as always! Not much else to report on that front other then slow and steady progress!

I have a few friends that have taken their brain injured kiddos out of the county to have stem cells done and have had HUGE results! I have done a TON of research on this and there are a few side effects by by in large it seems to be very safe. Please pray that God would speak to ours hearts on this as it is one of the last things to try other then what we are doing and will continue to do for Makenzie. It would cost between 15,000 and 20,000 depending on where we choose to go. Please pray!!! I have seen it work!!!

Please keep praying! Pray that we don't all get the flu! Pray for continued improvements in Makenzie! Pray! Thank You! God Bless, Pam

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