Saturday, February 21, 2009

Button Troubles!

Hey all! I have tried to update for the last 4 days and each time it has not gone through! I hope this works!!!!

We have good! The kids had off for a 4 day weekend last week. We made it to the rec center for some swimming, sliding, splashing, and tons of smiles and giggles! Makenzie loves the pool as do the boys!

We also went bowling! Makenzie helped me bowl! I think she did better then I did! She loved walking up the step and to the lane where we had a ball ramp for her. She stood up next to the ramp and helped me push the ball! She LOVED it!

Tonight was another adventure! The boys went over to grandma and grandpa house. Just after they left I went to pick Makenzie up and had my knee on her tubing.... out came the front of the button used to feed her!!!!! So intead of going to PF Changs for dinner we ended up with Good Times on the way to the ER!

Her tube has to be put in by x ray to get it up into her intestine. We have had TONS of problems with our hospital in the past getting this fixed after hours so I was ready for another fight. I was pleasently suprised this time!

The last time this happened it took them over 24 hours to get her button back in! I contacted the hospital and spole with a patient rep and the head of Radiology and I guess someone finally listened and took action to fix this!

It still took about 4 hours in the ER but we came home with a new GJ button and she is sound asleep getting fed! YEAH!!!! Thank You Children's for listening and taking steps to improve this process!!!

On top of that when I went in I told them that Makenzie was immuno suppressed and they got us right into a room so that she would not be exposed to all of the germs in the waiting room! WOW! I am so impressed with this visit!!!

Please pray that Makenzie stays well and that any germs she was exposed to will be fought off and will not make her sick!!! We did everything possible to protect her and the rest is in the Lord's hands! Thank You all for your support! I am off to bed! it has been a long night!!!! God Bless Pam

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hey all!!!

I typed out a post yesterday and hit save and the whole post just disappeared! Technology is great!

We are doing great! The kids all still have a cold but it seems to be staying at bay with just some coughing and buggers!

Makenzie is doing really well! The tone med seems to be working and without many side effects. We would like to see her at a bit higher dose but that will take a bit of time. The jury is still out but it seems to be helping.

She has been pushing up with her arms really well!!! She is bringing them up above her head much faster as well!!!

She had her little valentines party at school today and took a class picture. I am so glad that I decided to send her to school! She loves it and it allows me to get all of my errands done without a 26lb princess on my hip!!! My back is very thankful!!!

Please keep praying!!! God is so good and I believe that He CAN restore Makenzie! For His Glory! We are called to ask for what we want and need! Please continue to join me in asking God for healing and peace!!! Thank You and God bless!!! Pam

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Hey all!

Life is moving right along! Makenzie is doing well. She is such a happy little girl!!!! Things in life have really made me look at what life is and where we are going lately! It has made me reflect on the last 2 years more then I have ever let myself. I look back and am SO thankful for the healing that God has given to my little girl!!!! She may not look like a child that has been healed to most but she does to me! She is not all the way there and we still have a long journey ahead of us, but we have mad so much headway!!!! I think back to the PICU and the months following that and I am just so greatful that God has blessed us so abundently!!! I am so honored to be her mommy!

I don't really feel like going into specifics because I could write a list a mile long of all of the miracles in Makenzie's life! Just know that it is amazing. No she is not, walking or talking, but she is smiling, laughing, sleeping ALL night, swallowing, breathing, going to school, gaining weight, gaining strength and news skills every day! That is the very condenced list of many things that on March 25th 2007 that I didn't know if I would ever have in my little girl ever again!!! But I do and for that I can't help but overflow with thanksgiving! Thank You Jesus!

Thank you all for your prayers! Thank for sticking with us through this! We are honored by your continued prayers!!! We love you all and God Bless!!!!

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