Sunday, January 11, 2009


It was such a relieving feeling to leave Boulder and know that we were done for at least another year! The people at the clinic were wonderful and I will miss that but not the drive for sure!!!

We still have 18 days left to sit in our dark closet twice a day and look at the "pink" light but at least we don't have to drive there!

Makenzie seems to be more alert and the strabismis (eye crossing) seems to be a ton better! She has also been tons more vocal and making new noises. Her response time is faster too.

I am so excited to get to go to church tomorrow and get back to a regular schedule on Monday!!!!

Makenzie had therapy this week on top of Sensory Learning which was great! 2 weeks with no therapy is not a great thing!

We also started going back to the chiropractor this week. I haven't taken Makenzie for a while and her PT asked me Monday if I could bring her because she was starting to get stiff in some of her joints and her neck was too far forward. Boy, what a difference it makes for her!!! Her therapists and I could tell a difference right away! She was having a bit of a hard time holding her head up and fixing a lot in her mouth and after her adjustment she looked much better!

Please continue to pray for healing for Makenzie!! She is doing so well! God is so good!!!! Pray for our next adventure to LA in July for Suit Therapy! Pray that Makenzie is ready to learn, gain strength, and heal! She works so hard! I am so proud of her!!! PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!! God Bless, Pam


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