Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sensory Learning

We are over half way done with Sensory Learning! Yea! Tired is putting it lightly! I am still trying to decide if it would have been easier to just go to AZ! It has proven very hard to be here and do such an involved therapy! For much of the first week the boys were with my parents and that was helpful! Now I feel as though I am running around like a chicken trying to get the kids to school, run to do therapy, make it all the way back for the kids, do favors for friends, cook dinner, do laundry for everyone, keep the house half way clean, run to the bank, pick up things at the store, and of course taking care of all of Makenzie's many needs, including fitting in all of her therapies on top of the Sensory Learning! If I was out of state more then half of that list would not exist! However, it is all getting done and somehow I am even finding time to update!!! Whew!!! Can I breath now!

Makenzie is doing well! It is really cool to see what a different kid she is since the last time we did this 8 months ago! Last time was better then the first but she still spent much of the session crying. If she wasn't crying she was just quiet. This time we have had a few tears, mainly the first day, but now she is tracking the light so much better and lays there looking at the light and babbles and complains but it is so much different then the crying! S

She too is tired but continues to sleep very well at night! The car ride also has been good! This is also a huge change! Makenzie in the past has hated the car! Screaming, coughing, holding her breath to the point of turning blue and other then the first day she has been a little angel! Someone knock on some wood for me!!! LOL What a different kiddo!!! I am as usual... so proud of her!

It will take a bit for her brain to intagrate all of this new information but every time we have done this she has shown improvement!

Well with that being said it is now time to start working on the above list so that I might get to close my eyes for the night before the clock strikes midnight and I turn into a pumpkin!

Thanks for all of the prayers! Keep praying! God is so faithful as He hears and answers our prayers! Thank You all and God bless!


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