Friday, January 30, 2009

I don't like tape!

I can't believe it is Friday again already!!! Most people laugh at me when I tell them that my Friday is like most of your Monday's. Friday Makenzie has some therapy but no school. Then the rest of the weekend there is no school or therapy for anyone! It is all of the kids, house work, and therapy, all weekend, no help, solo, all by myself!!!! Don't get me wrong, we have fun, go to church, play games, visit family and friends, but it is not the relaxing weekend that most of you look forward too!

Makenzie did GREAT in therapy today!!! Her trunk is getting SO much stronger! She is also getting more of her protection responses back!!! She was working on the ball and her therapist was rocking her back and forth trying to make her tip over. Makenzie was making it very hard. When she would fall she was coming back up very fast and all the way to the middle. Then her PT would ask for a kiss and Makenzie would lean forward and get kisses and then sit back up! She still needs support at the hips with sitting but that is so much better then her needing support with her whole trunk just a few short months ago!!! Slow and steady!!!!

At the end of therapy Makenzie's therapist and I were talking and Makenzie was laying on the floor. Earlier her OT had taped her left arm to help with wrist exstention. I looked down at Kenzie and she had taken her right hand and had grabbed a piece of the tape. "Makenzie, are you going to take the tape off?" I asked. She looked at me and smiled and proceeded to rip the tape all of the way off of her arm and hand, fingers and thumb!!!!!!!!! Her therapist and I sat there and watched in awe and then began to laugh so hard we both where crying!!!! Then Makenzie started to scream!!! I am sure it didn't feel too great!!!! But she did it!!!!! I am so proud of her!!! Thank You Jesus!!!

Please keep us in your prayers! Pray for Makenzie! Pray for healing and strength!!! Hope everyone has a RELAXING weekend!!! Thanks for all of the prayers!!! God Bless Pam!


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