Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Years


Well, I had a big update all typed up and when I went to post it the site had times out!!! Sorry, I don't have the energy to redo it but I will shorten it up for you!

This year has been great! Lots of change for the better, tons of healing and restored hope!

2009 is going to be a GREAT year!! We have some big stuff ahead and Gods hand is in all of it!!!

We are going to California in July! Suit therapy here we come!!! Even more exciting...... I will be able to see my children's faces light up when we all walk into the most magical place on earth for the first time!!!! Thats right we are off to Disney Land this summer!!!! I can't wait!!! This is a dream I have had for 11 years now and it is finally going to happen!!! (THANK YOU mom and dad!!!)

Sensory learning is going well! Makenzie was very emotional today which is great! It is suggesting the therapy is working!! She had a hard time of it the first day! She cried the whole way there and back. (2 hours) I almost threw in the towel! I am glad I didn't day 2 and 3 went much better with no tears!

Next week we are back to therapy! No school because of the Sensory learning but that will be done next Sat. I am sure she will be excited to be back to normal life! I know I can't wait!!!!!

We brought in the new year in style! We spent it with some very special family and friends. We talked and laughed, played games, and cheered the new year in! After the ball dropped everyone there laid their hands on Makenzie and prayed for her! I got to meet a very special young man named Josh. Several years ago on New Years Eve he almost lost his life! He was also deprived of oxygen. He shared with me what it was like to almost die and how peaceful heaven is! WOW!!! God sent Joshua back to earth from His throne surrounded by Angles because He was not done with this amazing soul!!! It was the most perfect way to bring in the New Year! God is here and will continue to carry us through all of the good and bad times of 2009!!!

Thank you all for hanging in there with all of us this year!!! Keep praying for Makenzie! This year is going to be amazing!!!! God Bless you all in 2009!


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