Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Makenzie's cold seems to be going away! She is still a bit congested but other then that she is doing great!

She had a appointment with a ENT this afternoon. They gave me this whole packet of paperwork to fill out. I did most of it but of course there are those things I don't know because Makenzie can't tell me how she feels.

The nurse came in and started asking me all of the same questions that were on the sheet. Then she started to ask Makenzie if her nose or face hurt...... Did you read the paperwork?!!!! AHHHH I told her that Makenzie couldn't talk because of her brain injury. She looked at me and smile while nodding her head. Then she asked if she held her ears ever in pain. No once again..... brain injured!!! I could tell how frustrated the nurse was getting. no great answers when the patient can't tell you anything! Welcome to my world!!!!

Then the doctor came in and started asking me the same questions over again!!! Oh my Oh my!!!!!! She asked me if Kenzie was ok with Doctors... the answer....NO, no she is not! You can just see the look on the doctors face. So confused!!! How is it that she can't talk, can't hold her ears, has this brain injury that I just don't understand at all. Then the mom says she doesn't like doctors. How can that be... no words nessasary... a look on ones face says enough!

They proceed to look in her ears. With that there are tears, screams, breath holding and a near puke. The doctor doesn't see much. Makenzie's tonsils are a bit big but nothing to worry about. So why wont the buggers go away? The doctor recommends a CT scan of her sinus's. OK i guess I will go for that.

Next, an attempt at a hearing screen. Ha, yeah right!!!! More tears, screams, breath holding, and this time puke. By now I guess you probably have figured out that Makenzie doesn't like having anything in her ears!!!!!

I get Kenzie calmed down. we go back in the other room to finish her appointment. Just me and her. Just fine. No tears, Until that is the doctor walked back in. Oh my.... tears, screaming, breath holding. She didn't even step near her!!!!

We talked over her for about 25 seconds until I finally looked at the doctor and said... "see, I told you .... she doesn't like doctors". That was the end of that! The second we walked out the door Makenzie was all smiles as if to say "Haha mom I WIN!!!!" Hmmmmmmm

That is the daily frustration I live because people do not understand my daughter. She looks great! She still has a brain injury and most....even doctors DON"T get it!!!!

I am so proud of her for not liking doctors! Even tough it makes the simplest hearing test impossible it is so great! Great to see how smart my daughter is and continues to be! She understands so much and knows how to get her way!!! SPOILED!!! I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!!

Keep praying!!! Pray for healing and strength!!!! Thank You and God Bless!!!!


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