Friday, January 16, 2009


We have made it through a entire week of normal life! I guess we still have tomorrow but Fridays are a bit less crazy!

Makenzie did great at school this week! Her teachers said she was so happy! They love her there soooooo much! I was a bit worried about kenzie getting over stimulated after doing the sensory learning but she did great!!!!

We have seen some nice things from sensory learning. Although small every little thing counts!!!!

Her left leg was hurting about a month ago and then last week her right one started in!!!! AGHHHHH! She doesn't seem uncomfortable when this happens but she wont put weight on it. Her PT and I were talking today and we have come to the conclusion that it may be a bit tight but that the issue is that she is really starting to feel her legs and to her it is strange and she doesn't quite know what to make of it!

When I stand her up she will lift her foot up and start to put it down and then lift it again. It is so cute! I then tell her to put it on the floor and she will and then she is ok! It just take a bit of coaxing and letting her know that her leg is supposed to be there and on the floor!!! She LOVES too take walks around the house so it isn't to terribly hard to convince her that she is ok!!

She has also been pushing up and holding weight in her hands and arms MUCH better. The right is still better then the left but the left seems to be following suit pretty well! I can put her in side sit and she will sit there like it is no big deal! Then she gets excited and extends and falls over!! She thinks falling is great! My silly little girl!!!!!

She is also doing better with her oral eating! I was feeding her today and she was opening an closing her mouth on command to get the food. I love how much language she is understanding!!!!! Following directions is also something she is getting really good at too!

I never stop being amazed by her!!!!!!

Keep Praying!!! God Bless, Pam


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