Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years!

As this family moves into 2010 I have much hope for this new year!

We have had plenty of ups and also plenty of downs. We however made it another year no worse for the wear!

I am not a big resolution person but this year I want to resolve to take less for granted and love more! To take more time paying attention to what is important, and let the roll off!

For this New Year we have a few big therapy plans. Stem cells in April, NAPA in June,and hopefully one other time, and possibly a trip to CA for ABM. I trust that God will get us there.

Below is a video done by FOX News of 2 young men that live here. They traveled to Germany to have Stem Cell Therapy. They have also seen some really nice improvements since returning!


As I watched this video this morning I was reminded how big our God is. I was reminded that Stem cells are not just left in the body or the umbilical cord on accident! They are a gift. The human brains that figured all of this out are a gift from God. Our support system that provided Makenzie the funds are a gift from God. Not one thing God ever does is on accident! There is a plan, and I am proud to be a small piece of that for God's glory!

So for 2010 we will continue to step forward knowing that God is leading us. We will trust and believe that he will continue to bless us with healing through all of the gifts he has provided!

"You crown the year with a bountiful harvest; even the hard pathways overflow with abundance." (Psalm 65:11, NLT)

Lord, we pray that we would fully cast off all disappointment of the past, and that you would give us a new wind of strength for the coming year. Even in the hard pathways, we thank you that this year they will overflow with your abundance.

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!" (2 Corinthians 5:17, NIV)

Thank you, Lord, for new beginnings and for the ability to leave old seasons behind.

"Gladness and joy will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing will flee away."
(Isaiah 51:11, NIV)

No matter what we are facing today, we know that one day gladness and joy will overtake us. No matter how insurmountable our circumstances, we praise you that one day our sorrow and sighing will flee away.

Thank You Jesus for your words of hope and comfort!

Ready or Not 2010 here we come!!!

Believe.... Prayer Works!

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


"Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations." (Psalm 100:4,5, NIV)

Dear Lord,
Today we give you glory and praise, and thank you that your faithfulness continues through the generations. What a comfort it is to know, Lord, that your hand is upon this next generation, including children such as Makenzie. We thank you that you have plans and purposes for her and that we know we can rely on your faithfulness in her life. We acknowledge today that you are good, and ask that you would quiet any storms within us with the knowledge that your love endures forever.
In Jesus' Name,

Thank you Jesus that your love endures forever!

Today I need that reminder! I am tired, frustrated, tired of Christmas break, and ready to get back to normal!

Another busy day. More therapy. A few small breakthroughs, and a girl that is just a bit looser then she was yesterday! This is good!

When I was putting Makenzie to bed tonight I fell asleep. I must have been really tired because even in the short period of time I started to dream! This dream was one that I wished I could never wake up from.

I am not sure where we were but all of the boys and Makenzie were there. I was holding Makenzie and then put her down, she stood up and took about five steps and then fell down. Up and down. Pretty soon she was walking across the room. She was even wearing the shirt she had on today! I have had a few dreams about her in the past but this was by far the most vivid yet!

She was so beautiful... well she always is.... she reminded me of an eleven moth old or so just toddling around! It was heaven!!!!! Maybe when I go to bed again for the night it will start again!

I have HOPE that one day it will not be a dream! I know that with God anything is possible and I will always hold that tight!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Downtown Fun!

Update: My grandparents are still doing alright. My grandma is in more pain today, but is stable, my grandpa is still heavily sedated but also stable. He continues to have a readable pulse in his foot which is a miracle. Please continue to pray for them! My parents are going to head out there this weekend, I so wish I could go along!

As for us we had another crazy day!

Makenzie started her intensive session in ABM today and of course we were all along for the ride! We left the house about 10:30 am and got home about 5pm! Long day!!!

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We did however have a ton of fun. During our break we went into downtown and walked on the mall. The goal was to go to the Tattered Cover but the boys were hungry. I took them to the Cheese Cake Factory for a treat and we all shared because their meals a HUGE!! They thought that was great and they we all very well behaved! By the time we were done there wasn't enough time to make it to the book store but it was just fun to be on the mall! It was a bit cold but we all survived!

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When we got home Makenzie went to bed and J came over with his room mate and we rocked out with Rock Band! What fun! We all miss you Steph!

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I still can't believe that this year is coming to an end! It feels like just yesterday that we were putting up the tree. Tonight I took it down! Life is fast. Don't blink because you might miss something big!

Hug some one tonight and savor it! I should be hugging my grandma and grandpa tonight but instead they are still hundreds of miles away in the hospital. They however are not alone! Family is a wonderful thing! Thank you to everyone who dropped everything in life to go be with them! In this family there is no other way we roll! Soon my dad will be hugging his dad and mom and I am sure it will feel like no other hug he has ever shared with them before! ..... be gentle dad!

Please keep praying for their healing! Pray that God would touch them with peace and comfort! Pray that all infections would stay away and that blood would continue to flow through my grandpas leg! Miracle's happen everyday! Pray!

Monday, December 28, 2009


My family has once again been reminded how fragile life is!

This morning as my grandparents were driving from their little town in MN to the airport.... on their way to see us...... they were hit head on by a feeder truck. I am not sure about all of the details but what I do know is that they had to be cut out of the car.

My grandpa went into surgery tonight and is doing ok. He has MANY VERY broken/crushed bones. My grandma has a broken clavicle, and is understandably shook up.

The concern now is mainly for my grandpa. Infection and blood flow!


This afternoon we went bowling with grandma. The kids all had a great time! Makenzie even got to bowl! She just laughed and laughed every time someone threw a ball.... which when you are bowling is like every 20 seconds! LOL!

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Makenzie is doing well. She is happy and loving to play with all of her new toys! She loves it and I love watching her love it! God is so good! It was such a great Christmas made even more sweet by the fact that I knew what to get her and that she would LOVE it! Firsts in life are GREAT!

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Sunday, December 27, 2009


As I have said in the past, sometimes Makenzie's healing feels like watching grass grow. How ever if I look at these 2 pictures (below) side by side I am just amazed what this year has brought in her restoration!!!

In last years picture I was holding her hips under the white blanket.

This years picture she is sitting ALONE!!! This was also taken at 5pm... her bath and bedtime... with a leg that was bothering her and no prep! AMAZING!!!

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The other amazing thing that I see is in her face! It is so much brighter! She has so much more emotion, a bigger smile and a twinkle in her eyes!!! YEAH GOD!!!

In these two pictures I can see God!

We have done a lot this year as far as therapy goes. We have done Sensory Learning, Stem Cells, and Intensive Model Suit therapy. God opened the doors to each and every one of these therapies in one way or another. All of them had a different impact on Makenzie and I! Each of them changed our lives and the lives of those around us.

Being the selfish human I am,I would do anything to take back March 25th 2007. Being the God fearing woman that I am, I know I can't take any of it back because God has used my family for his glory in ways that I could never have imagined!

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I believe this year will be better then last! I believe in God's healing power! I believe that he will continue to open doors for restoration not only for Makenzie but many others as well! I believe that he will continue to touch the lives of many through Makenzie's Miracle's!

I see God and Believe.... Do you?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Play Fest!

Today we had the after Christmas play fest! Lots of fun!!

We all played a bit of Rock band. Yes... even Makenzie! She thought it was great fun! I will have to get some video of it soon!

Makenzie also got to try out her new Geo Track Air Plane and sh did she ever love it! I had her speech therapist program the remote into her talker. We worked on activating it that way for a while. She did really good! She was so excited and just laughed and laughed! I am posting a video. What I am super excited about is that she is able to track the plane with her eyes all the way around, up, and down! Love it!!!

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The most wonderful thing about the last 2 days is that the boys have for the most part gotten along! Yeah God!

Tomorrow we will have Christmas round number 3! I just love it!!! Lots more food, family, and fun!!!

Monday we will start our intensive ABM session! I am so excited! I think this is going to be great for Makenzie! I have some fun stuff planned for the kids in between sessions and I think it will make for a perfect last week of winter break!

Please continue to pray for healing! I am tired! Christmas is over and now it is on to all of the stuff I have been putting of until after the holidays!!! (I know you all have done it too!) We have a big year coming up with lots of impending therapy plans! As we move into the last week of the year I am reminded how fast life passes by! How much we take for granted, and how loved we are by so many! 2010 is going to be GREAT!!!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Peace and Joy!

May The LORD bless you and keep you. May the LORD make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; May the LORD turn His face toward you and give you peace both now and forever.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from us to you!!!

We had a fabulous day of family fellowship! We spent some time here at home as a family. My mom, dad, and brother came over with breakfast and we spent another couple of hours hanging out before leaving for my aunt and uncles to have a birthday party for my grandpa!

We made it home and Makenzie went to bed and the boys are gracing me with their Rock Band Talents!!!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Frosting Fun

Twas the night before Christmas......

We had a really good day! Thank you so much for the prayers!

The boys did much better and Makenzie's leg seemed a bit better.

She did great in therapy this morning. She stood and walked while weight shifting GREAT! Her therapist played with her leg a bit and could find NOTHING wrong with it. Makenzie is such a mystery!

We headed to Church this afternoon and of course Makenzie HAD to have a pretty Christmas dress!

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She is just so beautiful!!!!

When we got home I put Makenzie to bed and the boys and I made a gingerbread house! They always look forward to this tradition!

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It is still in one peice which is a really good thing! LOL!!!

Then they were off to bed and I was on to getting everything ready for CHRISTMAS!!!


Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a creature was stirring

Not even a mouse!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


it has been a LONG day!!!

It started early this morning when Makenzie woke me crying. I picked her up and she was tightly curled in a ball. I could not get her to straighten her legs at all. I rolled her over and changed her diaper, not an easy task when she is all curled up. She was unbelievably happy though and just looked at me smiling with a grimis every time I tried to move her left leg.

I moved on to rubbing her back and stretching out her hips and she loosened up a bit.

She had PT first thing this morning and I explained what was going on. She did a once over and started to massage Makenzie. She just melted. Then they started working on more functional stuff and Makenzie did ok. She took weight into her knees and hips and looked AMAZING in all fours.

She is still very sensitive and very tight. She will bend and straighten both legs just fine by herself but wants nothing to do with anyone doing it for her.

Her leg is not red or swollen and she used it great in therapy. It is her left leg which is on the same side as her button. The thought is still that it is her button! It NEEDS to be changed! All of the muscle movement in her legs affects the muscles in her stomach... right where the button is!

I called the hospital today and they are going to have anesthesiology call me next week to discuss her past history with anesthesia and decide if we are going to try a different agent, give a stronger pain med, or have better nursing to get us through the aftermath of Makenzie being put under for the procedure! Nothing is ever easy! LOL

We did make is to the movies today. We saw the new Chipmunk Movie. We went to a theater that serves food and had lunch while we watched! The most amazing thing was that Makenzie sat in her chair and watched the WHOLE movie, laughing in all of the right places!!!! I was amazed! She just amazes me! She loved it!

The boys fought pretty much all day.... well really for the last 5 days and I am barely holding on! I am telling you they could argue about ANY thing. I realize that sibling rivalry is normal but in my life nothing is normal! They may not have a brain injury but I so wish that I could take back all of the emotional stress that they have been under for the last 3 years! Makenzie is so not the only one that March 25th affected! I know kids are resilient and they have also learned a ton from all of this but I really need them to stop fighting! Please pray for this! Pray that God would reveal himself to me as to how I can better address this situation. (WWJD) I feel like I have tried everything but nothing seems to help or work.

Everyone is calm at the moment and getting ready to be put to bed so that I can finish wrapping presents tonight,so I am not up tomorrow night into the wee hours of the morning!

Please pray for healing to Makenzie's leg, stomach or whatever it is that is causing her pain and peace in our hearts this Christmas season!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


We had a typical day busied with therapy, a meeting, phone calls, errands, and finally bed!!! Makenzie was exhausted! Her poore little eyes were so red but about 4:30pm. I conceded to a slightly early bedtime and she was asleep in less then 10 minutes! hope she doesn't get up too early!

I am getting so excited for Christmas to come! To be able to spend time with family! To truly thank God for sending his son to be born in a manger. To have the gift of knowing that even when life is tough that God is right here! To continue to witness the blessings he pours out on this family!

There are presents under the tree. A huge thank you goes out to Granny and Pawpaw, Moreene and her small group, and my work for a nice Christmas bonus. Blessings! Thank you also to Karl and family, Mary and family, and Jim, family and your small group for all of your resent generosity even at Christmas time!!!

This Christmas I think my biggest gift is the life of my children. Coming in a close second would be ALL of you! I have never been alone! For that I am thankful! Thankful that you all continue to surround my family with love, support, prayers, food, and monetary gifts that have allowed Makenzie to receive much NEEDED therapy!!! I am FOREVER grateful!!!

If you have been part of our support system in ANY way, I would love to send you a Christmas/New years/Thank You Card! All I need is a name and address! We got really great pictures done a few weeks ago and I would love to share!!!

I am not very good at getting cards of any kind out but I am committed to try REALLY hard this year! Please know that nothing anyone has done for us has gone unnoticed! NOTHING!!! Thank You!

Tomorrow is yet another busy day filled with therapy and a postponed trip to the movies! We just didn't have enough time today! Tomorrow I will MAKE time!!! Time to concentrate on my kids! Time to spend together! TIME!!!! (the greatest gift of all!)


Monday, December 21, 2009

Strong Opinions

I have officially finished my Christmas shopping! Yippie!!!

Makenzie did GREAT in therapy this morning! Her tummy seems to be feeling much better and she was a ton looser today!

The boys had some friends over this afternoon and it was really nice outside so they played on the trampoline for a long time. Makenzie and I went outside for a while and she LOVED it! We bounced and giggled for a long time!

When it was time to get off the trampoline and go inside Makenzie had a different plan! The second we hit the deck she started just a wailing! I asked her if she wanted to stay outside and play and she looked at me. Still crying I told her that if she wanted to stay outside she needed to stop crying. Guess what?.... the water works STOPPED immediately!!!

I have been noticing that Makenzie's little personality has been changing a ton lately. She has had so much more of an opinion about everything! It has been sooooo much fun!

When she expressed not wanting to go inside of course we stayed outside. I sat on the tramp with her and my boys and just took it all in! All of them together playing, and laughing! To add to the joy was the fact that Makenzie WANTED to be there! She cared! She knows and was able to communicate exactly what she wanted! This is HUGE! AMAZING!

This evening I was able to go out and finish my shopping ALONE!!!! I love my kids but alone is nice every so often!!! Thanks Erica! Now all that is left would be wrapping! AHHHHHH! I always manage to get it done so I am sure that this year will be no different!

I have a CRAZY morning tomorrow and I am planing on taking the kids to a movie with a friend in the afternoon! Should be fun! I think it has been over 2 years since we have been to the movie theater! It should be a real treat!

Pray... Believe.... Prayer Works!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Round 1

I love my kids! Christmas is so much fun!

Today at church I got to speak with dear friend of mine. His family has loved and prayed for our family a ton since Makenzie's accident. His daughter sufferes from chronic health problems but is also such a fighter! Even though we walk totally different paths I know he and his wife understand the love and never ending journey in helping our children!

He asked how we were doing as he put out his arms to hold Makenzie. He then explained to me that his small group wanted to hold a fundraiser to help our family buy a modified van! WOW!!! Tears fell down my face as I told him Thank You! I was trying to compose myself in the middle of the sanctuary but I really just wanted to sit down and ball. God is SOOOOO good! He continues to provide!

Then it was off to grandmas for Christmas... round number 1! We had a GREAT time!

Here are some pictures... ENJOY!

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PS Makenzie's tube site seemed to be a bit better today! Pray for continued healing!

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