Friday, December 19, 2008


Hey all!

It has been another busy week! Makenzie continues do do well! She has been continuing to do new stuff in therapy and is super happy!

I got her a new corner chair and she loves it! It has a tray and when you put toys on it she has been really playing with them! The movement in her arms continues to get better everyday! At school she continues to use switches and are in the process of getting the adaptive communication team in to give her an evaluation! She is ready to talk one way or another!

On the talking note.... Makenzie Said "MAMA"!!!!!! It was no where near perfect being that she doesn't have lip closure but we were sitting on the couch and she looked up at me and said it!!! She is also working on "UH OH" She is really good at the UH part and the OH part keeps getting better! I am so proud of her!!!

Today at school they made gingerbread houses. Makenzie was not to interested in building but she did enjoy the frosting and candy!

We also had a doctor appointment this week and have come up with some new ideas after the first of the year! Please pray that God would give me direction on what to try and when.

I posted some new pictures at
You can click on the links tab above and it will link you to Makenzie's dropshot page. Caringbridge won't let me post picture because the files are to big so I am going to have to remember to change the setting on my camera so that I can get some new pics on this site! Until then check out her pictures on Dropshots.

Keep praying! She heals a bit everyday! Slow but steady! Thank You all for everything! Thank You also to the women from the Boulder womens Bible study for the generous gift!

I guess I should go and get to some Christmas wrapping! Fun Fun! God Bless, Pam


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