Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kids Mobility

Hey all!

Another couple of busy days! I was able to get 75% of my Christmas shopping done on Tues at ONE store! It was great! One stop shopping.... love it! This year I have resolved not to buy the boys and video games for Christmas which proved to be a bit hard to come up with ideas! They are getting to the age where action figures and Lego's don't cut it anymore! Now everything they really want is in the hundred plus dollar range. Zach's first reponse to the "what do you want for Christmas" is "a go kart" ...... Right!!! Well, that is just not going to happen so creative is becoming my middle name!

After shopping I stopped at home to unload the truck and then headed off to the bank. This is where God stepped in with his protection. My tires have not been handling the snow well and there is a Discount Tire right next to the bank. I had about 20 min before I had to pick up Kenzie so I decided to stop in and have them look at my tires. Needless to say my tires where fine other then the one with a nail in it!!!! I had no clue! It had like 14 lbs of pressure in it!!! OOPS!!!! They filled it up and after I picked the kids up I went back and they fixed it and siped the tire so they would get better traction! Thank You Discount! I would have headed accross town this morning with a flat tire! Thank You Jesus!!!!!

This Morning I went  and spoke with a Church Bible study about God's hand in my life. The ladies there were great! I am so not a public speaker but I did the best I could. I am sure I left a ton out but that is ok.... I have never talked publicly before. I have told Kenzie's story hundreds of times but never in that setting! Something new every day huh?

I then headed to the other side of  the metro area to a non profit. They are a non-profit organization that provides DME (durable medical equipment) to children with special needs. I got Makenzie a new corner chair that will allow her more independent sitting and help her work on her lateral trunk strength! I am so excited because her being able to sit in this type of chair is huge!!! She is healing! Slow but sure! We also got a brand new special needs stroller that is less bulky and easier to put her in for quick trips into the store or to the doctor. It will be great to take on trips! THANK YOU Kids Mobility! Anyone in the this area that has piece of DME that is not being used... donate it to these great people! Any one that needs DME.... look them up! They were wonderful and the paper work is very minimal!!! We got $4000.00 worth of equipment for $250.00!!! AMAZING!!! God is so good! He continues to provide... Every step of the way!!!

Stop in and say HI. I would be honored! Keep praying! Thank You all and God Bless!!!


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