Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wedding Fun


My brother is off the market!!! We spent this weekend celebrating his wedding! It was a lot off work but a TON of fun! It was a beautiful wedding and great party! I finnaly have a sister! His new bride is a wonderful woman! I couldn't have asked for any better sister in law of aunt!

Makenzie did GREAT!!! We didn't get home untill after midnight last night! She was so happy! She loved dancing with her uncle, brothers, grandpa, and mommy! She even did the congo line!!! She was so cute!! The boys also had a great time!!! Kaleb was so handsome in his tux!!!

Makenzie is doing well! She is tolerating her feeds great! We put her back on her reflux meds and she hasn't had any puking episode in 2 days!!! Yeah God!!! She also is only refluxing 2-3 times a day!!! Well I am off to bed! It is Monday again...... back to the grind!!!



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