Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Days

Makenzie is doing so well!!! She has been holding her head up much better and babbling a ton! She is still following simple directions almost 100% of the time! She had PT at Children's this morning and she was pushing up on her stomach and I told her to kick her legs and well...... she did just that! She gives this huge smile because she knows that she did it!! It is so cute!! She is sitting much better and when the flexion gets the best of her and her head drops she has been bringing it up soooo much better! Now we need a corner chair so that she can be upright more and work on her trunk strength, There are a few companies that do equipment exchange and I have a call in to our DME supplier to find out if the insurance company will cover it. We shall see! one little chair with the word therapy or adapted in its discription will run about $1000! Crazy huh?

Makenzie also rode on a trike today during therapy! It was awsome!!! There are also organizations out there that will help us get an adapted trike for Makenzie! I am going to start working on that in hopes that by summer she will have a new toy to ride with her brothers in the sun shine!

We had an appointment with GI on Weds and it went well! her doctor was impressed with how well she is doing with the bolus feeds in her stomach! We talked about what the plan is and decided that slow and steady in the way to continue. He also suggested that we try adding a 4th feed in. I don't know if that is going to work however because between school and over two hours of therapy there is just not enough hours in the day.

Then we head down to radiology to have her tube changed and they had a doctor who didn't have a lot of experience with placing a GJ tube do the procedure. Needless to say she messed it up and by the time they got an experienced doctor in there Makenzie's gut had shut down and her intestine was spasming and they could not place the tube! We left the hospital with a g tube and the far fetched chore of trying to add 17 oz of liquid in to her G tube feeds on thursday. She did really well and tolerated 3 feeds of 8 oz with out any vomit but we were still 10 oz shot of her daiiy needs. So this morning we went back to radiology and had them place the GJ tube this morning befor therapy. I took less then 10 min! Too bad they did not just do it right the first time!!! Oh well it is fixed and we are back to normal!!!

Please keep praying for Makenzie! She is doing so well!! We continue to feel all of the love and support! We could not so this with out all of you! Hope everyone has a great great weekend and God bless!


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