Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Makenzie continues to do very well!!! She is sitting better then ever! Her head straight up, a lot more balance, and a lot less flextion and head dropping! She is also still pushing up on her hands with her head up well. It seems like every day it becomes a bit easier! She has been walking more with her head up and not dropping it to take steps! She has been sitting well in a regular chair at school very well with minimal assistance! She is rolling a bit more but is still getting stuck somewhere in the middle of the roll. She is bringing her hand all the was up to her shoulders to push herself up on her tummy and has started to make a crawling motion in all fours She is also to my superise handling her new feeding schedule VERY well! She has thrown up 3 times but I will take 3 out of 21! We are going to up the volume a half an ounce tomorrow and see how it goes! She is also eating a ton better through her mouth! I don't measure all the time but I am guessing she is eating on average a half an oz 3 times a day! Tons better then a few tastes here and there! I am Amazed!!! God is so good! He is slowly casting the Mountian of Brain injury into the sea!!! YEAH GOD! To God be ALL the GLORY< HONOR AND PRAISE!!!!!

School has also been going well. She loves the kids! She gets to play play dough, paint, play house... the other kids cooked for her today and she ate what they cooked!!!.... play on the play ground... she loves the slide!!! They have a side-by-side slide that I put her on one side and hold her while I go down the other side! She loves it and has been walking to the stairs so that she can go again..with help of course! Her favorite time at school is circle time when we sing the Shake your sillies out song!!! We shake, jump, yawn, and pretend to sleep all to jump back up and shake some more!!! She loves it!!! By the end of the day she is worn out!!!

Well, that is all for tonight! Please pray that we can get back to feeding her stomach and get rid of this j tube!!!! It is looking more promising then ever befor but we still have a long way to go! PRAY!!! Pray for continued healing and restoration for Makenzie!!! She is doing so well!!! We can feel all of your continued prayers!!! We are so blessed to have all of your love and support!!! Thank you all for giving to the Lord through Makenzie!!! I am a life that has been changed because of it!! Thank You!


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