Thursday, September 4, 2008


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We went to preschool again today. It went much better! She loves the other kids and really loves to "Shake her Silly's out"! She sat so good today and played with Play dough and in the water table. I think as the teachers get to know Makenzie things will get much better! I think this is a good thing for her! I am not sure if she will go all 4 days a week or just 2-3 but only time will tell.

We also started her new feeding schedule today. It is a lot more work but if it will help her feel hunger and stretch her tummy it is all worth it! She did well! 3 small boluses and no puke!!!1 YEAH! Thank you God! He is moving the mountian of Brain injury 1 boulder at a time!!! She did well at dinner and opened her mouth nice and seemed to enjoy it a bit! She also closed her lips a couple times and now has tounge movement to the left, right, and top! That is so wonderful!!!! We are so blessed! Thank You God!!!! And thank you all for your love and support! Keep praying!

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