Wednesday, September 3, 2008

GI Appointment

Wow it's been a crazy week!!!! Makenzie started school on Tues. It went ok. The school wasn't really prepared for Makenzie despite nearly 8 hours of meetings with Child Find and the school. Oh well. Hopefully it will get better. If not that is ok! I will just find a play group, gymboree or the church preschool or nursery so Makenzie can be around other kids her age.

We missed school today because Makenzie had a GI appointment. We just started feeding therapy and her therapist mad it a point to be there along with another OT from the feeding clinic. We talked about Kenzie's weight gain, feeding schedule, G and J tube preferences. Well,...... are you ready?..... Makenzie weighs almost 28 lbs!!!!!! She is over the 50th percentile!!! WOW!!!! Wanna hear some even more exciting stuff?........ We are going to start using her stomach again!!!! VERY slowly but we have changed her feeding schedule to accomedate her eating more food in her mouth. They also cut her feeds down to 10 hours a day with 3, 15 min boluses. Yeah!!! We are going in the right direction!!! She also argreed that the intensive program in VA woulg be very helpful to her! She is not ready yet because of the feeding schedule stuff but by next summer when I want to go she should be1!!!! To have Children's agreeing with this is huge because the insurance will want to be sure that we can not get help here in CO before they pay for services out of state!!!!!! YEAH!!!

In therapy Makenzie is also doing well!!1 Her head control continues to improve. She is lonking great in her trunk! It is getting much stronger and she is correcting herself to mid line much more often! Today I had her on the floor on her stomach. She was pushing with her arms, head up. I helped support her shoulders and asked her to lift her butt up! She did! Every time I would ask she would try! She never got all the way up on her knees but she still did try hard and the best thing for me was that she was doing what I asked without a whole lot of processing time!!! Go Makenzie!!!

Please pray for Makenzie's stomach! Pray that she will do well with the food in her stomach!! Pray that we can finalize all of the details for our trip to AZ and that we can get back to CA SOON!!! Pray Pray Pray for my little princess!!! We love you all!!!


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