Friday, September 5, 2008

Busy. but Great day!

I hope for tonights update to be short, sweet and to the point as I am tired from lack of sleep last night. Makenzie is doing great. She is doing alright with the new feeding schedule. She has however vomited 2 times. I really believe that she has some Delayed emptying problems. There are a couple of things that we haven't tried for that so hopefuly next week we can start a medication that may help.

We had Pt at Childrens today and it went GREAT! She pushed the buttons on a piano about 10 times all by herself and some of them where on cue! She also lifted her hand up and spun the toy alone as well. Her therapist got her up on her feet and pulled her shoulders back and she took about 10 steps with out dropping her head which is huge!!! For some reason Makenzie thinks that in order to move he feet she has to put her head down. Today she didn't do that! YEAH!!!

When we got home I put her on the floor and she did great with pushing up. I took her and helped her hold her trunk up because her shoulders are not strong enough yet to hold all of her body weight. She pushed with her arm and I asked her to lift up her butt. She did!!!!! So I moved her hands up and she followed and moved her legs in a crawling motion!!! She is doing so great!!!!

I took the kids to sing Kareoke tonight and Celebrate our friend Jaydens birthday. It was a lot of great to be out and having so much fun. Well, thats about all for tonight. Keep praying! Prayer Works!!!!


Corbinleeproject said...

Corbie is the opposite, he arches backwards to take steps.


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