Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We are back! All I have to say is WOW!!!!!!! It was a great trip! We all made it there safely on Thurs. and off to the Clinic we went on Friday morning! It was absolutly amazing! We observed the clinic in the morning and in the afternoon Makenzie got a bit of therapy. Well, really she got therapy all day because all of her therapists were there and couldn't keep their hands off of her! The owner of the Napa Institute and the creator of the Neuro Suit was GREAT to put it very mildly! We also met some very wonderful people that also walk this healing road along side us! We are are crazy I have decided! There is nothing that we will not do to help our kids! It is so nice to meet and know that there are others out there that are doing a lot of the same things we are and getting great results as well! On Sat we had an all day training on what the Neuro Suit is and how to use it! All of my therapists got in the Suit and were amazed! Makenzie did so well and was such a trooper!

Of course we had to play a bit! We went to the beach and out to a great little local place on the beach for dinner! Makenzie loves the beach! We also sat by the pool and had some dinner and visited one night and back to the beach after going to Church on Sunday at the Dream Center! Thank You Lindsey for helping us find it! LA is crazy!

We are of couse back to therapy tomorrow and the last week of Summer break for the boys! We will be heading to AZ next month to meet with the people at NACD and get a program for Makenzie! She will be starting school in a couple of weeks but I am unsure wether or not she will continue once we start the program. Doing 2-4 hours or therapy a day plus 2 hours in the suit plus up to 4 hours of NACD and school..... well you get the drift! And no, I have not forgotten that I have 3 other kids!!! Please pray for a good schedule so that our days will run smooth and pray that God gives us the support to keep up with the pace of our business! This is going to be great for Makenzie! Please also pray that when the time is right that we will be able to return to CA to complete a 3 week session at NAPA!

Well that is all for tonight! I have traveled all day, unpacked, cleaned the house, and done the laundry, and now I am going to go fall into bed. I will post pictures and more details later. Sorry I rambled but my thoughts are a bit scattered right now! Just wanted to let everyone know we made it back safe and that everything was GREAT!! Keep Praying! Believe... Prayer works!!!!!


Anonymous said...

ummmm! UPDATE PLEASE! I miss reading about your little warrior princess!!!!

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