Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Swallow Study

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Oh, what a day!!! Makenzie had a swallow study today at Children's and other then scheduling issues.....LOTS OF THEM..... what a headache...... it went great! She has been cleared completely for purees and nectar, which is close to liquid. they want to do liquid only in therapy for now but that is ok! There is no way at this point that she will eat and drink enough to get rid of the tube yet so I am in no hurry to start juice and the like! We are still waiting for the Feedng therapist to call and scheudlule so we are in a holding pattern. Makenzie has been doing a much better job with eating! She is now off of the pump for about 10 hours so that gives her lots of time to be hungry so I think that is helping. She is also still slowly gaining weight! We ran into her rehab doctor at the hospital today. She saw her last at the end of June and the first thing she said is man she is gaining some weight!! It is so obvious! She looks so healthy!!! I still am in shock that I don't have to worry about every last drip drop! Yeah God!!! Way to be Makenzie!!

Makenzie has also decied that she would like to learn how to bring her hands up above her shoulders and push up with her arms!! It is so cute!!! God is so good and continues to provide!!!

We are leaving tommorrw afternoon for CA!!! I am so excited!! Please pray for safe travels and that the boys will also have fun and stay safe!!! This will be the shortest trip that Kenzie and I have taken! I even got all of our stuff in 1.... yes you read that bag!!!!!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers! Keep storming Heavens Gates for Miss Makenzie!!!


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