Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sorry, Its been a while!

It has been a busy week trying to get back into real life after CA! The boys start school tomorrow! It has over all been a good summer. The boys did a lot of fun stuff but are ready to go back to school and be with their friends! We had a few last summer adventures this week. We went to Boondocks on tues and did bumper boats, go carts, lazer tag, mini golf, and of course arcade games! Makenzie loved watching the boys.

We have used the Neuro suit several times this week and have gotten really good at putting it on! It is alot more tricky then I though it would be. When we got home Makenzie was so loose. She really struggles with tightness in her shoulders and they were very loose at the begining of the week. Today they were however pretty tight. Both her PT's and OT feels like it was because she was handled for 3 days straight while we were in CA. She needs to get those shoulders lose and fast. It seems to be a lot of what is holding her back. Please pray that we can get details worked out to go back to CA SOON so that NAPA can help to loosen her up with the intensive therapy that she so desperatly needs! I am so upset that we did not find NAPA until after we got to FL because this clinic and its therapist are SO MUCH better then FL! Please pray for this! In the 2 days we were in CA we got more and better therapy then 3 weeKs in FL! I am bummed but excited to get there and see them help Makenzie! The biggest problem is going to be lodging. SO............... if any one out there that live near the airport in LA has any ideas let me know!!! I would like to be there before the end of the year! PRAY!

There is not much more to report other then over all we are doing well. Please keep storming Heavens gates for my little princess! Thank You all for your prayers and support! I have posted some more pictures at Check them out! For those of you that can not post on myspace or bogger my e mail is Sorry I don't think I have ever posted that befor! We would love to hear from you all!!!


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