Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Great Therapy!

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Makenzie had another great day! She continued to push up while on her stomach. In PT today she was doing a GREAT job of isolating muscles! Exactly what we want the Neuro Suit to do for her! Thank You Jesus for leading us to Trisha and NAPA! I have postef some videos at of her on her tummy.

We got everything ready for her to start school. She will start on Tues and are going to keep meeting with and ajusting her plan and services to meet her needs. We are going to give it a go until NACD next month and then we will re evaluate were school will fit into life at that point!

Well it is off to bed! I am getting pampered tomorrow and having my house cleaned! Thanks Cindy!! I can't wait to walk in with my white gloves on!! HAHA! That will last all of about 30 seconds!!! Keep praying for Makenzie! She has a lot of new stuff happening and seems to be making great progress over the last week!!! Thank You God for your faithful healing and grace!!!


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