Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Great Day!!!

Makenzie had a great day today! She had PT and OT this morning. She got a good massage and then we put on the suit. we really see great things happening in the suit. The hope is that she will form new patterns and increased strength while in the suit that will carry over while out of the suit. A few weeks ago Makenzie was brining her hands up on her stomach above her shoulders and pushing herself up. She really hasn't done that again until today! She was able to do it again and not only did she push up she was able to adjust her arms and hands while pushing leaving all of her weight on one arm! I am so proud of her and feel so blessed! When Makenzie does something and then stops it makes me upset. I try to remind myself that she has done that with so many things that over time have come to stay! For instance, her smile. In the beginning she would smile and then not smile for a week and now I can't really even remember the time when she didn't smile! (I do really but know) The same thing happened with her giggle. So I guess she will get there with the pushing and rolling the same way! When she learns something new she is so proud of herself! I am so proud of her! Thank You Jesus!

I talked to a lady at the feeding clinic in VA today. We will be having a teleconference evaluation for acceptance into the feeding program there in Oct. I am so excited. I am glad that we can do it here in CO and don't have to travel again! We started feeding therapy at Childrens on Tues. I hope that it will help until we can get to VA but really I am doing it for insurance reasons. I want to be prepared to tell the insurance companies that there is nothing in Co that will help Makenzie and be able to get them to cover the clinic in VA. Oh and Makenzie passed her 2nd swallow study with flying colors!!! We still can not do thin liquids because she did asperaite after 6 bited but she coughed and that is great. So we are clear for purees and nectar thick which would be like V8 juice! Yeah! We are not ready for juice yet anyways! One step at a time!!!!

Tonight it took me over an hour to put Makenzie to bed.She was so happy and she laid in bed babbling and laughing! I didn't want it to end and just wanted to stay up with her all night! She also rolled like crazy! That is one of her tricks! She will refuse to roll during the day but the second you climb in bed with her she does it with such ease! She is such a stinker!

Thank you all for walking with us and continuing to pray for Makenzie! As we wait faithfully on Gods healing not one of the prayers lifted up for Makenzie has gone unheard! Please keep praying! She is doing so well!! We are truley Blessed! Thank You!


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