Thursday, August 7, 2008

1.2.3. Push!!!

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Makenzie did well today in PT! It started out kinda rough though. Her left leg seems to still be bothering her. I had her PT look at it and there is nothing wrong with her joints and she didn't feel any muscle spasms. With touch to all parts of her leg she did not show any sign of pain but when you try to straighten it out she objects. She however will staighten it out herself. I ran into another PT from my church and he didn't really know either but said that she could have regained more feeling in her leg and that it either hurt or felt weird! Wouldn't that be great!!!!!! She is really starting to push with her arms! She may not be reaching yet but she sure does know that her arms and hands are there! It is coming!!!! Her sitting and head and trunk control continue to improve as well! Yeah God and Yeah Makenzie! You are such a fighter!!!!

She also had a great ajustment at the chiropractor! Snap crackle pop!!!! Well that is about all for now! Please keep praying! For her leg. For our trip next week. For Makenzie's 100% restoration! Storm thoughs Gates! Believe.... Prayer Works!!!!


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