Friday, August 1, 2008

We made it onto the charts!

So I weighed Makenzie today, She is up to 26lbs!!!! I called her doctor and had him putit on the growth chart and she is at the 10th percential!!! So I really never thought I would get to say this but....... drum roll please....... we are decreasing her intake!!!! Her weight and height are perfect! I am so proud of my little princess!!! Yeah God!!!

Makenzie also continues to do well in therapy both with her therapists and her mommy! We went to the outdoor mall today and played in the fountian. She loved it! Every time the water would splash her she laughed and laughed!

We are all ready to go to CA in excactly 2 weeks! i can't wait to get her back in the suit and getit here for us to use tons!!!

Please keep praying for Makenzie!!! Also please pray tonight for Makenzie's Paw Paw as he had major surgery! He was moved out of the ICU tonight and into a regular room and is doing very well, but has a long road to healing ahead of him! Thank You for all of your love and support!!!! Pray! Believe,,, Prayer Works!


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