Tuesday, July 15, 2008

LA Here We Come!

We got the final details taken care of for our trip to California! We are going to pick up Makenzie's Neuro Suit! Two of Makenzie's therapists are going to come with us to be trained with me on how to use it so that we can do suit therapy at home instead of spending thousands of dollars and three weeks two-three time a year to go to a clinic! I am so excited! We are going Aug 14-17th! I can't wait to get Makenzie bak into the suit!

I also taked to the intake person for the Feeding Clinic in VA today! She will be calling tomorrow to set up and eval in Sept! We will be traveling VA for this as well. Hopefully they will accept her into their program and we can do some very intense feeding therapy next May! The program is 8-10 weeks long so I am hoping to find a month to month apartment to rent and have my boys come out the last 4 weeks! This clinic has produce very good results in tube fed kids and has come with wonderful reccomendations!

I scheduled another Swallow study in Aug. as well so that we can have an updated one to bring to our evaluation. Please pray that she does well for this! Last time she did ok. They didn't get many swallows as they had her in a weird chair, between 2 peices of x-ray equipment, with like 8 people standing around her...... very intemidating! What she did swallow there were no signs of asperation or pooling! This time we hope for more swallows with the same results!

I set up a site to download Makenzie's pictures onto. It is very easy to use and you can post comments without signing in to the service! Please check it out at www.dropshots.com/makenziesmiracle

Makenzie had a great day in therapy. We got her to continue to bear weight into both arms and she sat well today. She is also doing really well getting her hand above her head to roll and putiing her head up with weight into her shoulders on her stomach! She is doing so well!!! Please keep praying! God is Good and Prayer works!!! Believe!


Katy said...

Hello. I saw your post on the ABR group board. I am also investigating ABR and I hope to attend the October session in Montreal. You may or may not get a lot of response from the board--I think they're a little wary of sharing their children's progress with strangers. I do know that at www.terriblepalsy.com Moo's mother posts progress videos and they are very encouraging. I just wanted to pass that on because sometimes you won't get a rsponse on specific improvements that people have seen. Have you ordered the video from ABR? It is amazing as well.

Makenzie is so beautiful and you seem to be making tremendous strides with her.

Unknown said...

Hi my name is Julie, I am Joey's mom (fighting joey). I posted on your dropshots site. Anyways, I was curious as to where in LA you are going for the neuro suit. I live in LA and Joey is starting another round of the neuro suit Aug. 4th. If it's the neuro suit you are using, I think we might be going to the same place.

Anyways, my son's website is www.josephslifejourney.blogspot.com. My son had a near drowning on Jan. 16th, 2007. If you'd like to talk more, email me at jessjackjoey@yahoo.com.

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