Saturday, July 5, 2008


We finally got the chamber running!!!! We got Makenzie in there with no problems!!!! We have been trying for about a week and she was freaking out because of the noise. Today there were no tears! It was just HOT! She is such a trooper!

We were going to go see fireworks tonight but right befor we left her j tube button broke! I spoke with 3 doctors and they all said that there was nothing they could do untill tomorrow! Oh well! We had acid everywhere and they said it would be ok but it is such a mess! Your body produces it all of the time so it would have just kept leaking untill we had it fixed...... tomorrow! So I took things into my own hands and pluged it with PLAYDOUGH! No more leaking!!!! He He I am sure they will look at me funny tomorrow at the doctors but at least we both won't be covered in acid!!!! I tried feeding her through the g (stomach) port but she seemed to be a bit uncomfortable so I stoped but she hasn't thown up yet so that is plus!

Well that is all I have for tonight! The adventures of Makenzie always have me on my toes!!! It is amazing what you can come up with in a pinch!!! Keep Praying!



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