Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Just a quick post! Makenzie is still up because we had a great private fireworks show at the neighbors house! Makenzie loved it! The louder is got the more she laughed! It was so cute! She even got to hold a sparkler!

We went to the pool for a while and I put her in a float. She did great holding her head up and a couple of times she put her face in the water and she did great! She picked her head up and either spit the water of swallowed it! I am very careful in the pool with her face and the water but it is the pool! She loves to be splashed and throwen up into the air to land in the water! She loves the pool!

On tues we have an appointment with the Childrens Feeding Clinic to get started with the weaning from the j tube and back onto bolus feeds so that we can start an intenssive feeding program! Hopfully she won't be to intimidated by being in a new enviornment and will show them her stuff! She is now 24lbs 11oz! and looking GREAT!! Our goal was 24lbs so I am thrilled that we have surpassed that by almost a pound!!! Go Makenzie and Thank You Jesus!!! Please pray for this appointment!!!

Makenzie is also doing very well and continues t sit well! She is also putting a lot of weight into both of her arms!! This is so great!!!

Well I better get my princess to bed!!! Keep praying!


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