Sunday, July 27, 2008

Brain Development

Wow, Sorry it has been so long. I has been a bit busy around here these days! Makenzie is doing well! She got her new walker and has improved a bit every time she gets in it. We finally got a chance to do water therapy on Friday with Makenzie's PT. She did so good! She was kicking her feet and was able to move her legs on command to her therapists hands! All while Josh was busy doing front flips off of the diving board!!!

We had a family picnic on Sat. at the farm where my grandma grew up! I was hot but so much fun to see where she was born and grew up! The house is 88 years old and was really small. My grandma came from a very large family and it was so hard to imagine craming all of those kids in that little house! The last time we had a picnic there was when I was about 8! It was fun to be there with all of my family! It was also great to see and hear froom so many people that continue to pray for Princess Makenzie! Thank You All!

We are leaving for California on the 14th! I am so excited! I still have to get all of the Miracle Flight paper work together tonight so that we get it faxed in time for them to find us a flight! Thank You Miracle Flights for makeing all of these trips possible! With out this organization we would be much more limited in where we could go to get treatment for Makenzie! THANK YOU!!!

I have also been researching a organization called NACD. They deal with Child Development. I ordered a CD lecture and it was GREAT! There was so much information and all 6 hours were packed with all kinds of very important suff! NACD evaluates kids from coma to briliant and then gives parents a protocal on how to simulate the child at their level to help the brain reconnect and reorganize! I am in the process of filling out the paperwork to have an initial phone eval befor going to AZ (AGAIN!!!) in person! I am so excited to have all of this new information and another great treatment option!!! How to stimulate Makenzie has been a stuggle for me and some very pointed direction will be GREAT!!!

Well I guess I will have to cut this short tonight! Makenzie is very restless and I think to get her settled I will have to be off to bed! I guess a little extra sleep can't hurt! Keep praying!! Prayer Works!


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