Sunday, June 29, 2008


The last several days have just been kinda blah. We had so many extra appointments last week that we were not able to do much fun stuff. Makenzie is doing well she continues to tolerate her feeds. We are trying 61cc's an hour. She seems to be gaining some weight and is also gaining some pudge! She has been sleeping very well at night which is a HUGE blessing! I have been skipping her nap and putting her to bed at 7 pm and normally she dosen't get up untill about 8 am. I however have been feeling quite tired, cranky, and plain burned out! Having the boys home all day has been rough. I love them dearly but they get bored and then they fight ALL day! They love to go to the pool but there is only so much we can do that. Most of the neighborhood kids are in day care and that leaves me as entertainer, cook, maid, driver, doctor, therapist, and so on and so forth! Oh well, this too will end.

We have an appointment with Makenzie's Rehab doctor tomorrow morning. Her PT is going to come and discuss botox with her doctor. It is important for the doctor and the therapists to talk because one knows the medicine and the other know Makenzie and what movements we are trying to achive. Thank You Pam for taking time to do this with us! There have been some things released by the CDC about Botox that are kinda scary and I hope to put these fears to rest. We would like to Botox he Pecks in hopes that it would release her shoulder and arms a bit. Please pray that this appointment goes well and that God leads us to the right choices! Makenzie has had Botox befor with no complications so it should be ok but......... how many kids choke on Goldfish crackers!!! That always lerks in the back of my head when doctors start talking about statistics!! God is Good and has brought us this far! He will not let us down... we will not fear!

Thank You for all of the continued thoughts and prayers! Keep praying! Believe! Prayer Works!!!!!


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