Sunday, May 4, 2008

We made it!

Ronald McDonald House

The day started out at 5:30am! We all pilled in the car and headed to the airport. After check in, security, and breakfast, Makenzie and I made our way to nearly the back of the plane and were on our way to Florida! Kenzie did great the whole way! We watched a video, played with some toys and got dressed! She did not cry one time! Then came the fun part...... getting off the plane and to the rental car by myself!!!! It was a site to see!!! I piled all 3 huge suit cases on a cart, put the gait trainer on top of the sut cases, and the car seat was left to teater on the very top! I pushed that with one hand and the stroller with Makenzie, my diaper bag, lap top, and feeding pump which was connected to Makenzie with the other!!! WOW I am sure that started a few conversations!!! Then it was time to put in all in the car!!! First the carseat... well the seat belts didn't lock so I got to figure out the handy built in locking duhickys on the carseat on the spot! Then Makenzie in the car and spent a few minutes figuring out how to work the CD player so that she could listen to her music while I shoved the rest in! The Ronald McDonald house was very esay to find and less than 10 min from the airport. We checked in with them and then took 4 long trips tp the car to lug all of thoughs lovely suitcases up to the second floor and into our room. Mind you I am here alone so I got to carry the suitcases in one hand and Kenzie in the other! After I found my list for the store we headed off to Winn Dixie, the local grocery store to pick up the nesesary supplies that I couldn't pack and stopped by McDonald's to grab some dinner. Then we came back, I made formula, rearange the room. pluged in all of the chargers, put together Makenzie's chair and gave Makenzie a SHOWER?! There are NO bathtubs in any of the rooms here! That was interesting!!! Makenzie finaly went to sleep at about 8 pm and was pretty restless untill about 10pm. She is sleeping well now and that is so good because she is one exhausted little girl!!!

Anyways, that was my day! God is so good! Even though it was a ton of work to get here, we are so blessed to be here! Thank You Jesus!!!! Tomorrow is a new day and we get to start therapy and see the OCEAN! I love the ocean! Every time I see it I feel like crying! It is so beautiful! I hope we can take a walk on the beach in the morning! Well off I go to bed! Please keep praying for healing!


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