Wednesday, May 28, 2008


It is so good to be home! Makenzie is doing very well. She has started back to all of her therapies and really enjoys them. Her PT has gotten some of her muscles that had tightened up a bit looser and she has been doing great!!! Today in therapy her therapist said that she noticed Makenzie's head control has gotten a lot better and she has more extention in her lower back! Yea Makenzie! I can't wait to ge the suit and start using daily!

Makenzie loved the sand at the beach so much that we decided to bring the beach to our living room.... aka therapy gym! We found a sand and water table that is a perfect height for Makenzie to stand next to and play! She LOVES it!!! I took some pictures and posted them below. (Thanks Ralph and Joyce!)

Well I need to get to bed. Thanks and continue to keep praying! God is so good. We are so blessed! Believe!





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