Thursday, May 8, 2008


Well, It has been a long couple of days! Makenzie is doing great...... except in therapy! She did wonderful the first two days and well I think she is just too smart because she won't have anything to do with therapy now that she knows what we are there for and what is coming! She has spent the last two days screaming, holding her breath to the point of turning blue, and or course puking untill you stop doing whatever it is she doesn't want to do! Now to a degree this makes me laugh because she is so there and knows excatly how to get what she wants. On the other hand it is very frustrating because I know that she will get so much out of this therapy!

The people at Therapies 4 Kids are great! I spoke with the owner who also has a child with special needs and did suit theraoy with him. This is what prompted her to open this center because it helped him sooo much. We talked for a while and tomorrow we are going to try a new therapist and I am going to stand out of site for at least an hour of the session to see if that helps! PLEASE PRAY that Makenzie responds better tommorrow and for the remainder of our time here! I am very tired and torn about what to do! However, God got us here! He opened the doors and there is a reason that we are here! So Pray!

We are leaving tomorrow evening to go to DISNEY WORLD! Please also pray for safe travels!!! It will take us about three and a half hours to get there! The drive will be long but it will be worth it! Please pray for Gods peace and rest over Makenzie as she really hates to be in the car! Pray for SLEEP! Thank you all for you love and support and most of all your prayers! God Bless!

Just as I wrapped up this post I recieved this prayer! So fitting for today! Please pray it for my little princess!

"Surely God is my help: the Lord is the one who sustains me." (Psalm 54:4, NIV)

Dear Heavenly Father:
We are so grateful to you that you are our help in times of trouble and doubt. Lord, there are days which seem so discouraging and leave us struggling and downcast, but it is comforting to know that you are faithful to sustain us and lead us into the new season. Father, we especially ask for Makenzie who has many struggles of her own. Lord, we ask that in this day she would feel your sustaining presence to bring peace and encouragement deep within her soul. We pray that she would feel a tremendous measure of your love and hope for the good things you have in store ahead.
In Jesus' Name,


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