Thursday, May 29, 2008

Makenzie is sick again!

Makenzie had a really rough day! She has bogers everywhere! The postnasal drip ends up in her stomach and causes her to puke mucus and acid every where.... all day! She is not tolerating her feeds and had a temp earlier of 102.4. She is not sleeping well and it is warmng up here so it is hot in our house. It is now 10pm and I am exhaused! I get to stay up untill 12:30 to give her more medicine and fill her bag with more pediatlite.

Please pray that she will get over this quickly!

 When we bought this house we had central air put in but the unit that was intstalled is way to small for our house! You could run it all day and it cools it a bit but not the way it should! Makenzie has been through enough! She deserves to at least be comfortable while she sleeps! Not to mention, the boys are already miserable too.... it isn't even June!!

Pray, Pray, and Pray harder! Makenzie is doing well except for this cold! We are so proud of her!!!! God is so good! He keeps providing for our family and I have no doubt that he will continue! Thank You all for your love and support! You are all a huge blessing!


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