Monday, May 12, 2008


We had a GREAT time!!!! First and formost I want to say a special THANK YOU to our wonderful therapist! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We left Ft. Lauderdale about 7pm on Friday night. The ride up ther was good. Makenzie did ok in the car and only melted down a couple of times. We got to resort and checked in about 11.30pm and headed up to bed.

Disney World is so magical! Makenzie's favorite ride by far was Winnie the Pooh! She was all smiles and just took it all in! Coming in as runners up was Peter Pan, Small World, Snow White, Haunted Mansion, and The Pirates of the Carribian! We also went on Dumbo but it was way to hot on that ride!!! Disney has a pass for people with special needs and this was perfect! We didn't wait in any line for more than 5 minutes!

We also got to see the parade and the fireworks! Makenzie was so cute! The show was abolutly beautiful!!! I am so glad that we saw it!!!

Mothers day morning we had breakfast with the charaters of Wnnie the Pooh, fitting since Makenzie's favorite was the Winnie the Pooh ride! It also was fabulous!!!! THe food was great and the charaters were awsome!!!! We rodea few more ride on Sunday afternoon and then headed back to Ft. Lauderdale!!! I was so sad to go!!!! It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!

The car ride home wasn't as great!! Oh well. We made it back safe and sound and with time to go to the beach! We walked along the beach and played in the water a bit. Makenzie LOVES the ocean!!! She was doing tons of walking in the sand and we jumped in the waves and she laughed and laughed!!! Mommy had to be the party pooper because my back couldn't take any more!!

I am so greatful that we got to have this weekend! It was perfect!!! It was the first
time since Makenzie's accident that we have been able to be so normal!!!! It was a LOT of work and I am worn out but it was all so worthi it!!! So magical! Thank You again Ms. Lyn!!!! We love you so much! Not just because you gave us such a wonderful weekend but because you bless us with you love for Makenzie and desire to help! I could go on and on but that is going to have to wait untill we get home and are face to face!!! THANK YOU!!!!

On a more theraputic note, even though we didn't do "therapy" this weekend Makenzie did wonderful with her oral eating!!!! She had yogart, pudding, cotton candy, lots of water, watermelon, and mahi mahi (spelling?). I am sure I am missing something but oh well. She was also answering question with expression! It was so great to see! This morning she worked very hard in therapy! She is now down for a nap so we can start again tomorrow!!! I am bummed!!! Back to reality!!! I want to go back to Disney World!!!! I am excited to be back and to continue on with Suit therapy!!!

Well I guess that is all for now! I will post pictures when I get back. My camera is not working so I have to wait and get them when we get home! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers! Keep Praying! Prayer Works!!!!


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