Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm Sick

Sorry about the delay in posting! Makenzie caught a cold on Friday night and has been VERY cranky!!! I took in to the ER on Friday afternoon and it is just a virus! That is good and bad. No medication will cure it so we just wait it out. She is doing much better totay but is still not tolerating her feeds. I gave her pedialite most of today and she kept that down fine so she is well hydratrated! Thank You Jesus! She seems to be very tight and a bit jumpy as well but that seems to be getting better as well. We will attemept therapy tomorrow and see how it goes!

We went to church on Saturday with a family that we met at the Ronald McDonald house. It was a wonderful service. Everyone there was so kind and friendly and we learned a lot about The Jewish Christian beliefs. I am sure that I am saying that all wrong but that is the best I can do right now!!! The Rabi prayed over Makenzie and asked for healing! It was very moving and I am so greatfull!!! Thank You Donna and Matthew!!!

We came home and cleaned up our room and moved out of the RMDH and into the home of a couple from a church here in Ft Lauderdale. It has been so nice to be able to sit on the couch and just relax today and also have some great company!!! It gets very lonley being away from everyone and taking care of Makenzie!!! Thank You Joyce and Ralph!

Well, I am off to bed now! Gotta get some rest so we can start our last week here on a good, well rested note!!! Thank You all for your thoughts and Prayers!!! We are so blessed! Keep praying!!! Prayer Works!!!


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