Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another Crazy Day!

Today was another crazy day! Good but CRAZY! We started the day with PT and Speech. She did great again!!! She is reaching for toys very consistantly! We lay her on her back and put a toy bar over her and she is reaching up to activate the toy with both hands! The other really cool thing is that she is able to choose which hand she wants to use! When she is successful she gets this HUGE grin on her face and the grin gets bigger the more praise and clapping you give her for the success! Makenzie can also kick the toys with her feet on command! She has become so much more aware of everthing around her! She is also still loving her swing! We have been playing a "stop and go" game where we swing and then stop. She has been telling us with a loud babbling vocalization that she wants "more" over half of the time! I am so proud of her! Thank You Jesus! With out his healing and Grace none of this would be possible!

We have almost finalized all of the details for our trip to Florida! Miracle Flights called this morning with our flight information!!! Thank You Miracle Flights! With out their help it would be so much harder to to these therapies! We will be leaving on the 4th and returning on the 24th of May! I am so excited about this trip! I spoke with both her OT and PT to day and they both belive that she is sooo ready for Suit Therapy and that this opritunity couldn't have come at a more perfect time!

So with that said.... Please keep praying for Makenzie, Pray that she will get restoration from this therapy! Pray for all of the wonderful people that are stepping in to help with the boys at home so that we can go! With out all of you this would not be possible! THANK YOU! Well it is time to call it a night! Keep praying! BeLIeVe Prayer WORKS!


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