Monday, April 21, 2008

1-2-3 Weeeee

Sorry the video is so short! My memory card was full and I want to at least get a little in case she decided she was done befor I emptied the card!

Well it is a new week and we are doing well. We went to Children's on Friday to see the GI doctor. It went well. We decided that for Makenzie a good weight to shoot for is 24 lbs. They weighed her befor the appointment and she was 22.4 lbs!!!! That is 3.5 lbs of weight gain in 2 months!!! Go Makenzie!! Thank You Jesus! They checked her fat and muscle mass and the good news is that her muscles are still great! The lack of weight gain didn't eat away at her muscles! She is short on fat stores though so hopfuly at 24lbs we will have a bit more fat! She has definatly filled out a lot! She has a little double chin, chubby thighs and her stomach is also looking great! They also refered me to the feeding and swallowing clinic at Children's.. He wants to get Makenzie eating though her mouth!!! I really like this doctor because he has been so willing to start at the begining with Makenzie and not just jump to the "your daughter needs surgery" phrase!

We are also in the process of switching feed supply companies. Our current company dose not carry the pump that we want and the on we have has broke 3 times in 2 months. The only pumps they have are much bigger or are very hard to carry around because it needs to be kept completly upright to keep formula in the air chamber. Pray that this goes smoothly and that we don't go with out any of Makenzie's important supplies.

I added pictures of Makenzie in her swing. She loves to swing! She is so much fun to play with! It feels like I am playing with a 9 month old baby and that happens to be one of my favorite ages! She has such a personality!

Thank you all for the prayers and support! Keep praying!!!! I know that most of you don't have pages on my space but we would love to know who is checking in on and praying for Makenzie! I have added a Guest book to the main page of this site. Please feel free to sign it! When you click on it it will bring you to a different page and ask you to click the link that says "Follow external liknk to...." that will redirect the page to her guest book! Thank You all so much

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