Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I am Standing


We made it to school this morning! It was good. Makenzie loves to be around other kids! We sang lots of songs. They had cards with different choices of songs or verses. We sang The Wheels on the Bus and Makenzie picked the baby verse. It was so cute! She dosen't talk but will gaze at the one she wants! After circle time they got out shaving cream and we played with it on Makenzie's feet. She laughed and had a good time with that. Then the kiddos all had therapy time with a therapist. Makenzie and I played in the balls during this time. During the therapy time we took a unscheduled walk outside for a fire drill! Over all it was good. I felt like it could have been a bit more organized but that is just my opinion!

We also went and got Makenzie's glasses adjusted. They fit much better. She is so cute when she has them on.

PT went wonderful! We put her AFO's on and did lots of standing and Makenzie took a bunch on steps! I am so impressed with her progress! She was going from sit to stand, squat to stand, and half kneel to stand all by herself! By that I mean the upward trunk motion. She was still supported from a balance stand point. She is getting so strong!

Everything is coming together for our trip! My list of loose ends is getting shorter and shorter every day! Please pray for everything this weekend to go smoothly and for Makenzie to get a ton from this therapy! Again also pray for the boys as I will be gone for another long trip away from them! Pray that they have peace and comfort and that the people caring for them will be loving and kind! Pray Pray Pray BeLIeVe Prayer Works!!!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I can See


Today started early with a feeding pow wow. We sat and discussed Makenzie's GJ feedings and when would be the best time to feed her orally. I will begin to feed Makenzie around lunch time and dinner! We are going to start with small amounts and add more volume as she will tolerate. Her therapists are going to focus of feeding along with some sensory issues.

We had a good PT session this morning as well! Right before PT I got a call from Therapies 4 Kids to confirm our therapy in Florida for next week and stated the session time as 1pm-4pm!! BIG OH NO!!!! From 1pm-4pm if Makenzie isn't sleeping she is winey, crabby and in no condition for therapy! I spoke with her for a while and she was able to fix the first and third week. I explained to her the reasons why it was so important to fix this and she told me not to worry. SO PRAY!

After PT we went and picked up Makenzie's new GLASSES! She was VERY upset when they put them on her...... to the point of puking! So I got her calmed down while she adjusted them. When she came back I put them on and went to the mirror and low and behold Makenzie stopped crying! I believe they really are helping her see much better because that was the last time all day she protested me putting them on! They did not get adjusted just right so I will need to take them in to a different optical shop that does pediatric fittings! One more errand to run tomorrow! Oh well Makenzie is so worth it!

We will be going back to the Preschool tomorrow. I called Child Find and explained why I wanted to view a full morning of class and she agreed that it would be both help to me and helpful while writing her IEP! She told me that she would have the teacher call me of she would call by today so that we could work out getting there by 8am instead of 10:15am! No one called!!!!! So I am debating what to do. If I show up at 8 am the worst that could happen is that they could tell me to come back later. I need to do this tomorrow because this is the only morning this week that will work and school we be out for the summer by the time we get home from Florida!

Well I guess I better get going! The little princess just woke up! So much for a break! Keep praying!


Disney World Here We Come

Disney World Here We Come!!!
It is now excatly one week untill we will be sitting on the beach in Florida! Ok well that is not the point of the trip but with a cup half full I guess that will be a perk of the trip! I am so excited and at the same time very anxious! We will be going somewhere we have never been befor.... alone! I talked to the therapy center and they will be able to pick us up from the airport and get us to the retal car center. That is so great! Can't you just see me trying to cart Makenzie, a car seat, stroller, feeding pump, laptop, diaper bag, and all of the stuff needed for a 3 week stay(3-4 suitcases), all by myself from baggage claim to the rental car!!! WOW not a pleasent thought!

The best OT in the world will be coming out to visit us and check out Makenzie during a session of Suit therapy! We are going to also go the DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!! We wil leave Ft Lauderdale on Friday after therapy and head to Orlando! Sa. and Sun we will spend at the MAGIC KINGDOM and head back to Ft Lauderdale on Sun late afternoon! Kenzie's therapist also booked a Charrater Brunch at the Crystal Palace on Mothers Day!!!! We are going to have so much fun!!! Please pray for safe travels both on the plane and on the 3 hour drive to Orlando!

Makenzie continues to do well! She is sleeping great and has been so happy! We went to the park today with the boys and went down the slide and swang on the swings! We also sat in the shade on the grass soaking up the beautiful  day and a small game of baseball being played by the boys and some friends!

We have a busy day tomorrow...... again..... whats new! First thing in the morning we start with a feeding meeting with all of Makenzie's Ot and Speech therapists. We are going to try to put together a feeding plan! Kenzie has been doing well with eating and her oral motor skills seem to be improving! So now we need to make a plan to get her to the next level!!! Baby steps to getting that tube out! Then in the afternoon we have an IFSP meeting with ALL of her therapists and the DP worker! During this meeting we will discuss what goals Makenzie has met and what her new goals will be!

Well that is all for tonight! I could go on for hours but the previous paragraph made me tired! LOL Please keep praying for Makenzie! She is such a miracle and we haven't come close to the finish line! BeLIeVe Prayer Works!


Here are some pictures of the last couple of days! We were busy but still managed to have some FUN!

Makenzie was doing a great job sitting today! Befor I got the camera out she sat by herself a couple of times for a few seconds!


Yummy! Pudding is very fun to play with! Makenzie wasn't sure at first what to think but she put her hands right in it and smeared it around! After about 5 minutes she was done and boy did she let us know!

We also had some friends over and got out the finger paints! Makenzie laughed and thought the paint tickled her fingers!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Eye Exam

We took a little trip to the Eye Doctor today. This was the first time that Makenzie's eyes have been examinated since her accident! We went in and they dialated her eyes. Afer 30 min the Doctor came in a put his hand on Makenzie's head and the crying began! After tons of bawling, puking, followed by more bawling the assesmnt was complete!!! While Makenzie continued to cry we talked to the doctor. He said right as he walked in the door that Makenzie had central vision! There was NO use of the word BLIND!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!! All of her nerves and anatamy of her eyes is perfect! This means that even though she was deprived of oxygen it didn't damage the medical function of her eyes! He said that she was mildly far sided. He said that this was pretty normal for a child her age, so he gave us a prescription for glasses. He also said that he was VERY optamistic that as she continued to grow and develop that her sight would continue to improve! She has come so far in that last year. May 3rd 2007 she was evaluated by the Ancor Center and was barely tracking and what she was had to lights and sounds! Makenzie continued to cry untill the Doctor told her Good bye and then she imediatly stopped! She is such a pistol!!! She knew she was done by the word "goodbye" She is so smart! I am so proud of her and don't think this appointment could have gone any better!

Well, the glasses thing could be very interesting!!!!! To say the least!!!! We wnet to pick glasses out and she wasn't going to have anything to do with that!! She screamed untill I took her out of the store and then she would start in again as soon as we walked back in! So we did the really short version of picking out glasses. The doctor said that we could try contacts if she would not wear the glasses. So we will give it a good try. I will let you know how that goes!

Well off to entertain my little girl who took a 4.5 hour nap and won't probably go to bed untill....... well who knows when!!! Oh well I can't bring myself to wake her up!! She is just so cute when she is sleeping and we heal the most with reat so with that said it could be a LONG night!! Oh well she's worth it!!! Please keep praying for Makenzie. Pray for our trip and her continued healing!! We love you all! You are such a blessing!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another Crazy Day!

Today was another crazy day! Good but CRAZY! We started the day with PT and Speech. She did great again!!! She is reaching for toys very consistantly! We lay her on her back and put a toy bar over her and she is reaching up to activate the toy with both hands! The other really cool thing is that she is able to choose which hand she wants to use! When she is successful she gets this HUGE grin on her face and the grin gets bigger the more praise and clapping you give her for the success! Makenzie can also kick the toys with her feet on command! She has become so much more aware of everthing around her! She is also still loving her swing! We have been playing a "stop and go" game where we swing and then stop. She has been telling us with a loud babbling vocalization that she wants "more" over half of the time! I am so proud of her! Thank You Jesus! With out his healing and Grace none of this would be possible!

We have almost finalized all of the details for our trip to Florida! Miracle Flights called this morning with our flight information!!! Thank You Miracle Flights! With out their help it would be so much harder to to these therapies! We will be leaving on the 4th and returning on the 24th of May! I am so excited about this trip! I spoke with both her OT and PT to day and they both belive that she is sooo ready for Suit Therapy and that this opritunity couldn't have come at a more perfect time!

So with that said.... Please keep praying for Makenzie, Pray that she will get restoration from this therapy! Pray for all of the wonderful people that are stepping in to help with the boys at home so that we can go! With out all of you this would not be possible! THANK YOU! Well it is time to call it a night! Keep praying! BeLIeVe Prayer WORKS!

Florida Here We Come!


Well to day was a crazy but beautiful day! We started the morning with a bit of PRESCHOOL! Makenzie will be starting preschool next fall through Child Find. We went today to visit a school near our house to see if it woulld be a good fit for her. I think it will be GREAT! We are going to go back next weel to observe some more but from the looks of it the program is very therapy based and also would provide the social interaction that I hoped to find! I am very excited. All of the staff was very kind and seemed very good at working with these special kiddos!

Next we had OT. Makenzie was pretty cranky and didn't want to sit and eat at all! It was however after 12 noon and that is a bad time of the day for her! So we took a nap! However befor we laid down a wonderful gentleman from Discount Tire Co called and gave us the go ahead on the Suit therapy in Ft Lauderdale, FL! Yeah God! So I got Makenzie to sleep and started the process of pulling together a 3 week long trip starting on May 4th! :ong story short I managed to get a flight from Miracle Flight (a small undertaking!)(Thank You Pediatric Pathways for filling out paper work so quickly on such short notice!), Confirm her spot with Therapies 4 Kids, and tie up a buch of other odds and ends! WOW! What a busy 2 hours that was!

Then we moved on to PT. She did GREAT!!!!! I misseda a good part of this because I was working on details for the trip but her therapist had her in all fours and she was hoping like her brothers! Well of course I missed it! Oh well! She also used her feet to kick a toy on a hang mobile many time and she would smile and was so proud of herself! So we decided to put it over her head and see if she could get it with her arms. She DID!!! Numerous times! We put it pretty low so it wouldn't be too hard and she looked at the toy and reached up to hit it! I am so proud of her!! Thank You Jesus! You are so GOOD!

After therapy we took a walk to the park and Kaleb learned how to ride his bike!!!!! His grandma bought him a new bike for his birthday which by the way is today! My baby boy is 7 already!!!! We also played a little baseball and then it got windy so we headed home for dinner, baths, and bed! WOW! I think that is it!

Keep praying for Makenzie. Pray that our trip comes together and that everthing goes smoothly in FL and here at home!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

1-2-3 Weeeee

Sorry the video is so short! My memory card was full and I want to at least get a little in case she decided she was done befor I emptied the card!

Well it is a new week and we are doing well. We went to Children's on Friday to see the GI doctor. It went well. We decided that for Makenzie a good weight to shoot for is 24 lbs. They weighed her befor the appointment and she was 22.4 lbs!!!! That is 3.5 lbs of weight gain in 2 months!!! Go Makenzie!! Thank You Jesus! They checked her fat and muscle mass and the good news is that her muscles are still great! The lack of weight gain didn't eat away at her muscles! She is short on fat stores though so hopfuly at 24lbs we will have a bit more fat! She has definatly filled out a lot! She has a little double chin, chubby thighs and her stomach is also looking great! They also refered me to the feeding and swallowing clinic at Children's.. He wants to get Makenzie eating though her mouth!!! I really like this doctor because he has been so willing to start at the begining with Makenzie and not just jump to the "your daughter needs surgery" phrase!

We are also in the process of switching feed supply companies. Our current company dose not carry the pump that we want and the on we have has broke 3 times in 2 months. The only pumps they have are much bigger or are very hard to carry around because it needs to be kept completly upright to keep formula in the air chamber. Pray that this goes smoothly and that we don't go with out any of Makenzie's important supplies.

I added pictures of Makenzie in her swing. She loves to swing! She is so much fun to play with! It feels like I am playing with a 9 month old baby and that happens to be one of my favorite ages! She has such a personality!

Thank you all for the prayers and support! Keep praying!!!! I know that most of you don't have pages on my space but we would love to know who is checking in on and praying for Makenzie! I have added a Guest book to the main page of this site. Please feel free to sign it! When you click on it it will bring you to a different page and ask you to click the link that says "Follow external liknk to...." that will redirect the page to her guest book! Thank You all so much

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Me and My Daddy!

I just LOVE her laugh! Everytime she laughs it still makes my heart skip a beat! Makenzie is such a happy baby! We are going to meet with GI and GI nutrition today. I am not sure what will be addressed but it is always good to follow up and discuss where she is at and where we need to go. Keep praying for Makenzie!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well we are halfway through another week! Makenzie is doing good! She has been a happy baby and is sleeping well at night.... if only I could get her to take some good naps!

Her therapy this week went well! She has been reaching with her arms and doing alot more pushing of buttons when you help her arm and hand get to the toy! It is so awsome to see! Of course I want her hands to just work right but I keep reminding myself of how far she has come since last year when we could not even get her hand open or her elbow straight!

She has also been doing well with eating! She is no where close to getting rid of the GJ tube but we are making baby steps in the right direction! Yesterday she had pureed spaggitti and bannana pudding. She did great! She was getting some lip closure and sucking which is also a great start to getting back to good oral motor habits!

I just want to send out a BIG THANK YOU to every one that is walking with us on this journey! You are all loved and we as a family feel soooo blessed! Please keep praying for Makenzie! Pray, Pray, Pray, BeLIeVe prayer works!

"A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity."
(Proverbs 17:17, NIV)

Dear Father,
Thank you for the family and friends that you have given us who help us in times of trouble. There are days we want to scream for help. There are also those who would like to offer us help, but perhaps do not know what they can do or are reluctant to ask. We ask that you would help us to effectively communicate with one another, whether it is us needing help or them wanting to offer help. Lord, we also ask for the days when we feel alone in this struggle with brain injury that you would give us people to surround us. Father, we pray that you would provide us with those who will lift us up in prayer and with other needs when we feel overtaken by the many issues we face. We also ask that we would be able to identify those you have put in our lives who have keys we need. No matter what situation we have with our extended family and friends, we thank you that we can always rely on the Holy Spirit to offer great help in times of need and desperation.
In Jesus' Name,

"these should learn first of all to put their religion into practice by caring for their own family"
(1 Timothy 5:4, NIV)

"Do not forsake your friend and the friend of your father, and do not go to your brother's house when disaster strikes you — better a neighbor nearby than a brother far away."
(Prov 27:10, NIV)

"If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!"
(Ecclesiastes 4:10, NIV)

"Jesus did not let him, but said, 'Go home to your family and tell them how much the
Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.'"
(Mark 5:19, NIV)

"If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever."
(1 Tim 5:8, NIV)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Here it is! HOBT Chamber

PhotobucketSaturday my 5th baby arived! Ok so that was a joke! I have been researching chambers for a very long time. I found this one and it was a great price and the gentleman that had it was very kind and knowlegable about Hyperbarics. Makenzie's chamber was delivered on Saturday all the way from Idaho! There are a few things that we need to do to get it ready to use but it should be up and running very soon! Thank You so much for bringing it down her Bill!

Keep praying for Miss Makenzie! She is doing so well! God is good!


Sunday, April 13, 2008


Just a quick note..... We got our HBOT Chamber yesterday!!!!!!! I am so excited! I don't have time now but I will post the details later! I just couldn't wait any longer to spill the beans!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

STEPS in the right direction

Makenzie is doing so well! She is such a happy baby! She had PT this morning and did well. Nothing amazing but she had fun. She refused to take a nap. ( I tried for nearly 2 hours!)

This evening we were playing in the family room and I picked her up and put her on her feet. She started to take steps. This may be reflexive but none the less it is movement! Zack started to run away fromher and she started stepping faster towards him so we started the game of chase! It was so cute! She was laughing, Zack was laughing, and mommy was almost in tears! She stood in her walker for almost 30 min while watching her sing along video! This is also fairly new! She has been really into the TV and of course she still loves her music in the car!

I put her to bed early tonight because of her lack of a nap! I went into her room to fill I her bag with formula and knocked over a bottle! Of course she rolled over wided eyed! I picked her up and she was really wiggly so I layed her back down and she went back to sleep all on her OWN!!! She has done these a few time lately! I am very excited she is healing and becoming more able to comfort herself! This is soooo big! Thank You JESUS!

There is a prayer below that is so relevent for our family. Taking care of Makenzie is a 24 hour a day job and fitting everything else in is soooo hard! I am trying so hard to be the best mother, OT, PT, and speech therapist, driver, doctor, maid, cook, and the list goes on! This has been a large source of guilt for the last year! Please pray for our family to be able to meet each others needs and all of the many needs of Makenzie's rehab at the same time!

All your sons will be taught by the LORD, and great will be your children's peace."
(Isaiah 54:13, NIV)

Dear Lord,
So much of our time and effort seems to go to Makenzie because of her many deep needs. But we are very mindful that our other children also have many deep needs. Our family's situation can often present them with special and difficult situations as well. They may often feel that what they are needing often goes unacknowledged or unmet. We often feel stretched and unable to do all that needs to be done for each child in our home. Help us to have great wisdom in knowing how to balance our focus and attention among our children to the best of our ability. We thank you, Lord, that we are not alone in ministering to our children, and that you care very deeply for each one. When we are unable to meet all of their needs, we pray that you would move deeply within them to bring comfort and peace to their hearts. Even in their youth we ask that you would give them great wisdom and ability to deal with their challenges in ways that will be productive. We ask that you would also give them an extra measure of hope for their futures and faith in you to provide all they need.
In Jesus' Name,

Keep praying for our beautiful lillte girl! She has come so far and has so far to go but God is present and we feel so blessed! Thank You all for your support through all of this!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Makenzie is doing well. She has been sleeping well and her refux seems to be under control I took her in to the doctor to check the strep again and it was still negitive. I am over concerened because in the past it has taken up to 4 months to fully get rid of it because of all of the germ sharing that the kids do with one another! At this appoint ment we got on the scale and she weighed in at 24 lbs! Yeah Makenzie!

Over the last few days I have started doing a bit of oral feeding and she has responded very well! She opens her mouth for the food and is swallowinf quickly! She even smiles! I can’t wait for her to eat all of her food through her mouth! She is also doing well with her rolling. Her head control continues to get better and she seems to be sitting for a few seconds by herself more consistantly!

God is so good! I have learned again this weeked that you can not control other people actions even if they affect you adversley. What you can control is how you handle the situation and continue to know that at the end of the day Praising God and liviing each day for his glory is really all that matters! I have also seen how broken this world is and how moraly corupt we have become! I am sure that this is why God calls us to live in the world and not of the world!

Love and serve your families! Stick by your loved ones even when the going gets tough! Fight for what is truley important in life because in one split second it could all be taken away! Remember the way that God calls us to live! Hold your self and the people in your life accountable to this! Love Jesus! With him you will never have to walk through the storms of life alone! Please continue to pray for Makenzie’s restoration and please also pray for healing from the brokeness of our brothers and sisters in Christ!

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit."
(Psalm 34:18, NIV)

"Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. "
(Psalm 126:5, NIV)

"How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them!"
(Psalm 139:17, NIV)

"Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD will hold me close."
(Psalm 27:10, NLT)

" He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out from the bog and the mire, and set my feet on a hard, firm path, and steadied me as I walked along."
(Psalm 40:1-2, TLB)

"Not one sparrow (What do they cost? Two for a penny?) can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. And the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don’t worry! You are more valuable to him than many sparrows."(Matthew 10:29-31, TLB)

"for he has not despised my cries of deep despair; he has not turned and walked away. When I cried to him, he heard and came."
(Psalm 22:24, TLB)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Etan Powell

Prayers for Ethan Powell (
I just have a few minutes but I need all of Makenzie’s prayer warriors to pray for another little boy tonight!!! His name is Ethan! He has Cancer and is not doing well at all tonight! His family is very beautiful and loves Jesus very much! His web site is and if you click ..S you can read the most recent posts! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PRAY for lil E, he needs a miracle tonight!

Ethan’s Miracle
Ethan got his miracle this morning. It wasn’t what all that love and care for him wanted but it was time for him to go HOME! Ethan is with Jesus tonight. He is pain free and happy! Please pray that The Powells feel Gods touch and grace! I can’t even imagine what they are feeling right now! We came very close a year ago but I still get to hold my baby. Please Pray for this family! They need ALL of their family in Jesus to stand around them tonight and in the coming days and weeks! Thank You so much!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Monkey Bizness and Prayer for Caregivers


Today was a good day! We hung out and had PT, OT, and Speech. Makenzie did really well! She has been hanging out in her Bumbo seat often. She has been able to hold her head up for longer periods of time and when it drops forward or backwards she is able to pick it up and with CONTROL bring it back to midline! This is great because she is not just throwing her head around but purpously moving it to where she wants it to go! I am so proud of her!

This evening I took all of the kids to Monkey Bizness. This is a whole building with bounce house equipment including a super huge slide! We had so much fun! Makenzie and I went down the slide many times and bounced in the bounce house. She was so into watching all of the other kids and when I stood her up and bounced her she laughed and laughed! It was so cute! There is a picture below of us going down the slde but the camera was not on the right setting so it is very blurry. Oh well!

Thank you all for your conrinued prayers! Keep praying for my family! Pray Pray Pray for Makenzie’s healing and restoration! Believe.... Prayer works!

"But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded."
(2 Chronicles 15:7, NIV)

Dear Lord,
We come before you today and we thank you for all the people who work with Makenzie to help her succeed. We ask that you would bless them abundantly with your wisdom, knowledge and insight. We pray that they would be very encouraged in the work they are doing. We ask that their faith and hope would not grow weary if they are not seeing the progress that they desire. We ask that you would give them strength and creativity to persevere during the difficult seasons of education. We also ask that you would bless their children and families because we recognize that educating children with disablities can often be very difficult. Please surround them with your protection and love. We especially pray that if any of Makenzie’s therapists or doctors do not know you that you would reveal yourself to them.
In Jesus’ Name,

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