Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Video Of Makenzie Reaching

Today was a great day! One year ago I was watching my little girl breath with the help of a tube, completely still and unresponsive! Today she is smiling, laughing, rolling, and starting to reach for things! She has come so far! I know I already posted today but she had such a great day I had to post again! She took a 3 hour nap today which was great! Makenzie is to the point now where she is tolerating a schedule! This is huge to me. We have made it past the infant sleep habits and into toddler style! She has been doing great with this!

We also went to the doctor this morning to check the strep amd make sure it was still gone..... it was! We also weighed her and she is up to 23 lbs!

Today in therapy she did GREAT! We are seeing so many wonderful results from our trip to Phoenix! She was reaching for a toy, rolling with her head off the ground and she let her OT in her mouth for some really good stretches! She is soooooo much looser and it really shows! Thank You Jesus! To God be the glory!

Thank You all for the thoughts and prayers this year! Keep praying!


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