Saturday, March 15, 2008

Quick Update

Hey! Sorry it has been so long! We are in Arizona! Everything is going great! We had a bit of a rough start however. Makenzie was sick when we left and on Monday night we took her in to the doctor and found out thatr she had both strp and the flu!!!! We got her on an antibiotic and tamaflu and she is feeling much better! She is tolerating SIRRI great and is getting so much more of the treatment then she did last summer! I have so much to share but I have a very impatient little girl on my lap! I will try to post again soon but we will be back home on the 23rd if I don’t get a chance. The only computer I have to use is a very slow desk top in the office at the Ronald Mcdonald House. No Wi-Fi here! OH WELL!! Pleaser keep praying for Makenzie and her continued healing and full rstoration!


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